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Antstream Arcade Partner Portal

Q3 2022 Partner Newsletter

industry update

It is predicted that there will be 3.3bn gamers by 2025 with the cloud gaming segment continuing to see rapid growth and predicted to reach $52B by 2027.

The retro gaming market also enjoys rapid growth with an estimated 35% of gamers having and interest in retro games*. We are also seeing an explosion of “new retro” games being developed by a growing arm of indie developers.

Antstream continues to lead the way to deliver the greatest experience for retro gamers on all devices across the globe.

* German Games Industry Association

Team Updates

Mike Rouse joined as Studio Head from 2K. He is the co-creator of Sony PS Home, the first console Metaverse.  He has over 20 years of experience in creating some of the biggest hits in console, PC, VR, and gaming platforms to create experiences and has a reputation of building world-class teams within the gaming industry - including Sony, Xbox and 2K.  BAFTA winner, member, and judicator.

Aisha is our new community manager.  Please reach out to her ( to discuss opportunities to promote or feature your content.

  • We have added 10 new content partners

  • We have added over 200 new and exclusive retro game challenges for our partners

  • We have added support for Indie retro developers bringing modern new titles to the platform alongside the classics

  • Expanded the formats we support to include - with MSX being licensed exclusively to Antstream

  • Delivered 40% more play time due to our unique IP (Challenges & Tournaments) - and this is growing

User Data - Last 12 Months

The image below shows some very high level indicators on customer data.

Leading The Pack

Antstream has been patiently testing the market, building features and plans, to dominate what is forecast to be an extremely profitable market. 


We firmly believe that we have the strategy and team to deliver a best in class and highly successful experience to our customers and partners.  We will share more on this in future updates.


The best years are ahead!

Partner Communication

As part of our program to keep you better informed, and in addition to these newsletters, we have created a Partner Portal on our website. 


Initially this contains useful information (examples shown below), along with our newsletters should you wish to refer back to them. 


  • What we need from you to Add A Game

  • Department contact information

  • Newsletter history

  • FAQs


However the roadmap includes on-demand reporting showing key KPI’s related to the performance of your IP.  This will be iteratively updated with more detailed data over time based on your feedback.


More will be shared on this in future updates, but in the meantime we are happy to take requests to add to the portal roadmap, or for topics to be covered in future newsletters.


Until next time, happy gaming!

Antstream Head 10percent.png

Fun Fact

In our busiest tournament the most engaged individual played 3518 times taking 90 hours!  


Leading partners by content


Antstream Arcade’s relaunched website that allows gamers to play your games directly in their browser. This opens up the platform to hundreds of millions of devices worldwide. Players can directly launch into tournaments from the website and the AntTeam are working on exciting new features to be announced later this year.

antstream's continued growth


Product Updates

We would like to introduce you to Giant Slayer - a “First of its Kind” game mode that allows any player “the giant” to challenge the entire global community. It’s then the goal of the community to try and beat the giant’s score. This game mode has lead to some great engagement and retention, and offers gamers a more casual and easily accessible gaming experience.

So far…

  • 1000’s of challenges set & 100,000’s sessions played

  • Slayers currently have the lead with 64% wins

  • The feature has been hugely popular with Giant Slayer customers playing >900% more

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