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January and February: New Games Update

It’s the new games mega blast! From arcade classics to 8-bit legends, these are the stars of

Antstream Arcade that have debuted on the platform in the first two months of 2022, including a

new format in the form of the Nintendo Gameboy. Want something super fresh to play on

Antstream Arcade? This is the place to start!


First up we have the fantastic and beautiful Tanglewood. Released onto the Sega Mega Drive in

2018, this is a tale of the vulpine Nymn, separated from their family and stranded within the

dangerous world of Tanglewood. A classic mix of puzzles and platform action, Tanglewood is a

wonderful game that’s sure to appeal to 16-bit fans and beyond.

Ant-Fact: Tanglewood’s developers programmed the game in pure 68000 assembly language and

even used Sega developments tools from back in the Mega Drive’s heyday.

Ant-Tactic: Watch out for the day/night cycle – things get trickier at night time!

Ant-ernative: If you’re hankering for some more 16-bit platforming, try the Bitmap Brothers’ Gods.

Eyra, The Crow Maiden

We stick with the new-games-on-old-formats theme with this delightfully sleek and playable

Nintendo Entertainment System game from Second Dimension. You are Eyra, a warrior princess out for revenge on the Marauder, an evil ruler who has attacked your tribe. Thankfully, Eyra is not alone: accompanying her on this dangerous mission is her faithful familiar, a bold and brave attack crow.

Ant-Fact: The developers behind Eyra took inspiration from movies such as Conan The Barbarian and Red Sonja and games such as Rastan Saga and Blades Of Vengeance.

Ant-Tactic: Eyra often has to backtrack in order to rescue her friends – watch out for respawning

enemies as you return.

Ant-ernative: For more epic platforming with a female protagonist, try Valis: The Fantasm Soldier.


Titan is a unique spin on the classic arcade legend Pong. Each level is a deviously-plotted puzzle, the player push-scrolling the screen with their square bat which also serves to alter the direction of the ball. The objective is to destroy the correct blocks as quickly as possible, but watch out – soon hazards will appear which can destroy the ball and send you back to the start of a level. Available on Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.

Ant-Fact: Titan was one of a series of Pong clones instigated by the Taito arcade game, Arkanoid.

Ant-Tactic: Watch out for the traps on later levels. Teleporters transport the ball to another part of the play area while contact blocks form an impassable wall when hit.

Ant-ernative: The Atari game Bombastic! is another attempt at varying the old Pong gameplay.

Lancer Lords

We love a cheeky 8-bit arcade clone on Antstream Arcade – we highlighted some of our favourites a few months ago in this feature: - and here is a new one, based on Joust, the arcade legend that puts you in charge of a noble knight of the sky, attempting to knock rivals off their steeds before they do the same to you.

Ant-Fact: Lancer Lords was originally released by Rabbitsoft back in 1983 and was programmed by John F. Cain, author of the famous Spectrum budget game, Booty.

Ant-Tactic: As with its inspiration, the player must make sure their lance is higher than the

opponents in order to effect a kill.

Ant-ernative: Both of Midway’s original games, Joust and Joust 2: Survival Of The Fittest are available to play on Antstream Arcade.


Bubble+ is an upgraded version of Bubble Ghost, a novel puzzle game from French publisher

Infogrames. The player controls a ghost, whose objective is to guide a fragile bubble across several

screens. The ghost moves the bubble by gently blowing, but care must be taken to avoid hazards

such as fans and candles. Tricky and challenging, Bubble+ is a great game for puzzle fans.

Ant-Fact: Bubble Ghost was originally published by ERE Informatique. When Infogrames bought ERE,

it created this new and improved version of the game for the Commodore Amiga.

Ant-Tactic: Try not to get too frustrated early on – the controls take some getting used to, but once mastered, it makes guiding that vulnerable bubble much easier.

Ant-ernative: Never mind blowing – you can BE the bubble in the weird 1982 arcade game Bubbles.


Time for a touch of classic arcade action with Tempest, the inimitable and gorgeous neon shoot-‘em- up from Atari. You’re in control of a claw-like cannon, circling around the rim of a series of cavernous corridors. Enemies appear in the distance, quickly ascending – annihilate them before they can destroy or capture your blaster!

Ant-Fact: Tempest’s concept came from designer Dave Theurer after he had a nightmare about

monsters emerging from a hole.

Ant-Tactic: Speed is essential in Tempest. Don’t stop moving or firing. Ever.

Ant-ernative: For wireframe shooting from a similar vintage, give fellow Atari legend Asteroids a


The Curse Of Illmoore Bay

Inspired by spooky Nineties cartoons and horror films, The Curse Of Illmoore Bay is a Sega Mega

Drive game set in the mysterious eponymous town. Select one of three playable characters and take to the streets to try and prevent Illmoore Bay falling into an eternal funk of Halloween. With boss fights, upgrades and stacks of platform fun, this is another great indie homebrew game on

Antstream Arcade.

Ant-Fact: In addition to its spooky origins, Illmoore Bay is also inspired by classic platform games

such as Ducktales and Megaman.

Ant-Tactic: There are several ways to negotiate the perilous streets of Illmoore Bay. Each character has a basic and special attack, and flying enemies can also be ducked under.

Ant-ernative: For manic platform action of a slightly different tone, why not try the brilliant

Earthworm Jim?

Worm Blaster

Finally for this round up we have a new system to Antstream Arcade, the Nintendo Gameboy! The

Evil Worm Empire (aka, EWE) is taking over the galaxy and it’s up to you to put a stop to its reign of terror. Step into the Worm Blaster and take the battle to Commander Big Worm in this fast and

furious Gameboy shoot-‘em-up.

Ant-Fact: Worm Blaster is the first Gameboy game to feature on Antstream Arcade – it won’t be the last!

Ant-Tactic: The enemies in Worm Blaster home in on your fighter. Blast them constantly before

dodging their fire at the last minute.

Ant-ernative: Take on the denizens of a fantastical realm in another classic shooter, the arcade game Dragon Spirit.

Also fresh on Antstream Arcade over the last few weeks: elegant C64 arcade adventure Rad Warrior; more NES action in the form of the mystical 8 Eyes; the Super Nintendo version of Cannon Fodder along with a new SNES table, Nightmare, for Pinball Dreams; fruit-based Amiga hijinks with Turbo Tomato and a secret new DOS game – can you find it?

Stay tuned for another new games round up soon!

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