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June Antstream Arcade New Games Update

It’s the new games mega blast! From arcade classics to 8-bit legends, these are some of the stars of Antstream Arcade that have debuted on the platform so far this Spring. Want something super fresh to play, for free, on Antstream Arcade, the easy-access platform for retrogaming? This quick and painless guide is here to help you.

Loaded – Sony PlayStation

The PlayStation hits Antstream Arcade with this fast, blood-splattered 3D run ‘n’ gunner from 1995. Gremlin’s Loaded was one of the first games to appear on the trailblazing Sony console, helping it cement itself as one of the most influential gaming machines of all time. The devious warden of the prison planet, Raulf, has foolishly framed six dangerous and slightly deranged criminals. From the clown-like Fwank to big baby Mamma, this has to be the most disturbing set of player characters to grace a videogame. Whoever you choose, a legion of guards awaits you. Can you escape Raulf and wreak revenge on the warden, preferably leaving a long and bloody trail behind you?

Ant-Fact: Loaded’s character design was co-created by 2000AD comic artist Greg Staples.

Ant-Tactic: Watch out for the boxes – they bestow valuable bonuses to the player, such as an extra life or ultra bomb. And don’t forget to strafe!

Ant-ernative: For run ‘n’ gun action from the previous generation, we highly recommend the arcade game Midnight Resistance.

Push-Over – SNES

Ready for a complete change of genre and style? Ocean’s Push-Over puts you in charge of a super-sized ant known as G.I. Ant (geddit?!), who is busy re-arranging dominoes across a series of themed worlds. The aim is to organise the blocks so that they all fall over, opening the exit and allowing G.I. Ant to proceed. It sounds simple, but with a strict time limit for each level and an assortment of different dominoes to manipulate, this game is certainly no push-over!

Ant-Fact: Cheesy snack Quavers sponsored the original Amiga and Atari ST versions of Push-Over. However, there’s no sign of the crisp in this SNES game.

Ant-Tactic: It’s not enough to complete the puzzle within the time limit to progress – G.I. Ant must

also escape. Make a bee-line for the exit door as soon as you’ve set the dominoes off.

Ant-ernative: For more puzzling gaming, check out the eight and 16-bit classic, Chip’s Challenge.

Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop – Atari Lynx

This parody beat-‘em-up is set in the fictional city of Steelburg. Criminal gangs have overtaken the

city under the auspices of the mysterious Mr Big. The eponymous cop begins the game with just his fists and a weedy pistol; fortunately, more powerful weapons often litter the streets, as do helpful health boosts. With a horde of colourful enemies, bosses and locations, Dirty Larry – in no way related to Clint Eastwood – is another great Atari Lynx game on Antstream Arcade.

Ant-Fact: If you’re still unsure of Dirty Larry’s inspiration, its manual begins with “Have a Nice Day, Punk!”

Ant-Tactic: Conserving ammunition is vital as Larry’s a sitting duck to armed enemies if he runs out of bullets.

Ant-ernative: Try fellow Atari Lynx game Kung Food, battling leftovers rather than gangsters.

Rune Monster – MSX

It’s homebrew time now with this fantastic MSX RPG from 2016. Fans of the computer will recall this quaint series, originally released back in the early Nineties. Developer Kai Magazine has given the gameplay a shiny new look, integrating support for modern MSX audio and the MegaROM cartridge, allowing for a larger, more complex map. It all adds up to an entertaining and accessible RPG that will surely appeal to fans of not only the MSX but also early Nintendo aficionados. Can you defeat the Rune Monster and return to your world?

Ant-Fact: Rune Monster’s gameplay uses one of the oldest gaming devices in human history – dice!

Ant-Tactic: Make sure you visit the various towns whenever you can – here, you can upgrade

weapons, magic and level up.

Ant-ernative: For RPG entertainment from an earlier era, check out Epyx’s Gateway To Apshai, also available on Antstream Arcade.

Full Throttle – DOS

So far in this new games round-up, we’ve featured four games over four formats – and here’s a fifth, on both counts! Full Throttle is the brilliant 1995 graphic adventure from Lucasarts, a tale of biker gangs, murder and deception. Assuming the role of leader of the Polecats gang, the player clashes with the devious Adrian Ripburger and his plan to transform Corley Motors from a bike

manufacturer to minivan production. The cad! Featuring a starry voice cast (including Mark Hamill and Hamilton Camp), Full Throttle is a thrilling and fascinating point ‘n’ click ride with plenty of twists and turns.

Ant-Fact: Designer Tim Schafer was inspired to create Full Throttle after talking to a friend from

Alaska who hung out with bikers. The character of Ben was an attempt to move away from geeky

creations such as Guybrush Threepwood.

Ant-Tactic: Punch the right lid to get out of the garbage dumpster at the beginning of the game.

You’ll need those fists again!

Ant-ernative: Try Lucasarts’ Monkey Island games for point ‘n’ click adventures of a more humorous nature.

Image Fight – Arcade

For our final and sixth game, we also have our sixth format with the 1988 Irem arcade shoot-‘em-up Image Fight. Dastardly alien invaders have destroyed the Earth’s moon, sending lethal meteors to the planet’s surface. With much of the human defence network destroyed, it’s up to you and the

experimental fighter OF-1 to take the fight to the aliens and free humankind. This horizontally-

scrolling shooter is a must for all fans of the bullet-hell genre.

Ant-Fact: As in its famous forebear, R-Type, Image Fight contains a pod that bolsters the OF-1’s

attack and defence.

Ant-Tactic: The OF-1 can switch speeds, a valuable skill in the heat of combat. But beware: your sleek craft gets very skittish at full speed!

Ant-ernative: It may be horizontally scrolling instead of vertically, yet there are a lot of similarities between Image Fight and Irem’s earlier smash, R-Type. So you should try that as well.

Also new to Antstream Arcade this month: the Commodore 64 version of buggy-tastic shoot-‘em-up Marauder; arcade classic Lode Runner; the world-building SNES game, Utopia – The Creation Of A Nation; and manic arcade shooter GunForce.

That concludes the Antstream Arcade new game roundup for another month! Look out for another fantastic selection of new games next month!

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