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March Antstream Arcade New Games Update

It’s the new games spring blast! From arcade classics to 8-bit legends, these are the stars of

Antstream Arcade that have debuted so far on the platform this March. Want something super fresh to play on Antstream Arcade? This is the place to start!

Arcus Spirits

It’s Wolf Team time again! This month we are proud to present the isometric hack ‘n’ slash game

Arcus Spirits, the North American SNES version of Arcus Odyssey that curiously ended up as a Japan-only release. Before the game starts, the player chooses one of four heroes as they attempt to retrieve the legendary sword of Leaty. Castomira’s nefarious followers have stolen the blade and are threatening to resurrect their evil sorceress boss using its magical powers. Throughout dungeons, castles and more, a legion of enemies awaits you.

Ant-Fact: Arcus Spirits stateside release was scuppered back in the day when Sega purchased its

publisher, Renovation Products.

Ant-Tactic: Useful items include: the lamp of life (completely heals your character); doll of life

(resurrection upon death); and herb of purification (cures the player of all poisons and ailments).

Ant-ernative: If you’re after some slightly more in-depth RPG action, try Canon: Legend Of The New Gods on the Sega Mega Drive.

Sam & Max Hit The Road

Back in 1993, the point and click genre ruled. And few games rivalled Lucasarts’ Sam & Max in terms of eccentric entertainment and offbeat cartoon humour. The game stars freelance police

investigators Sam and Max, hired by the commissioner to locate Bruno the Bigfoot and Trixie the

Giraffe-necked girl. Hey, we did say it was offbeat! Across a variety of crazy locations, there are

puzzles to solve and jokes to enjoy as Sam and Max set off on their madcap road trip.

Ant-Fact: Sam & Max is based on a comic by Steve Purcell, who also helped with the development of Hit The Road.

Ant-Tactic: Once at the carnival, talk to Flambe the Fire-Belcher and he will get you into the Freak

show. There sit the Kushman Bros who will supply Sam and Max with passes to access the rest of the carnival.

Ant-ernative: For more amusing point and clicking, there are two Commodore Amiga Monkey Island games on Antstream Arcade. Arrrr!


Time for a change of pace and era now with this gentle exploration game for the ZX Spectrum.

Oceano is an uncomplicated submarine game where the player guides their underwater craft across a series of caverns, collecting crystals and dodging fish. Coded by Egotrip and released on the Spectrum in 2015, Oceano is a sweetly calm game for when you need to take things a little slower.

Ant-Fact: Oceano was originally created on the Amstrad CPC before Egotrip himself replicated the game on the ZX Spectrum.

Ant-Tactic: When your power meter is at 100%, the submarine can fire fish-killing missiles. However, rather oddly, these cannot destroy bubbles.

Ant-ernative: For more 8-bit sub action, try Atlantis’ Aqua Squad.

Tapeworm Disco Puzzle

Crazy title alert! Tapeworm Disco Puzzle is the latest Lowtek Games title to hit Antstream Arcade

and it’s a cute and tricky puzzle game that will test both brains and reflexes. There’s a cacophony

happening at the disco and the fleas as running amok. The only way to tame them is for DJ

Tapeworm to collect the musical notes and get those pesky fleas singing in tune again. But with a

limited number of moves per level, this game requires some serious planning if you’re to collect

them all.

Ant-Fact: Tapeworm Disco Puzzle’s excellent tunes were created by French musician Tuï.

Ant-Tactic: Don’t forget the worm can be reeled back in, giving you another chance to reach those

elusive notes.

Ant-ernative: Play as the other side in Lowtek’s Flea, also available on Antstream Arcade.

Kick Off

This classic football simulation comes to Antstream Arcade again this month, with the NES version the latest Kick Off to take to the field. Using the same unique system of ball control as the other Kick Offs, this NES game presents a vast range of options and tactics for footie fans. With each player holding a variety of different skills, this is one soccer simulation that requires tactics and cunning in addition to raw pace and shooting power.

Ant-Fact: After creating the sequel Kick Off 2 for Anco, the series’ creator Dino Dini moved to Virgin and devised the next spiritual game in the series, Goal!

Ant-Tactic: Working out how to curve the ball is a valuable skill in both attack and defence.

Ant-ernative: We have a huge selection of Kick Off games on Antstream Arcade, and you can even compare notes with its great rival, Sensible Soccer.

Turbo Tomato

Mutants have invaded Turbo Tomato’s garden and in the spirit of explosive arcade games such as

the pork-tastic Butasan, Turbo must grab the sprouting bombs and hurl them at his enemies. A

successful hit yields bonuses such as extra points and power-ups and there’s a tom-derful

simultaneous two-player option should you have a friend handy. Chaotic and supremely fun, Turbo Tomato is a fruity mix of mutant vegetables and dangerous explosives. Boom!

Ant-Fact: Turbo Tomato scored an impressive 77 out of 100 in issue seven of Amiga Addict magazine.

Ant-Tactic: Some bombs have a very short fuse – be careful what you pick up!

Ant-ernative: Blow up enemy pigs with bombs in Butasan, an inspiration for Turbo Tomato.

Game Over

This classic 8-bit game became notorious back in 1987 thanks to its daring glimpse of Queen

Gremla’s right nipple. While that fuss may seem odd today, the game itself is a rock-hard run ‘n’

gunner in the tradition of fellow Dinamic games Army and Navy Moves. There are hundreds of

Gremla’s minions to blast and dangers to dodge in this MSX version of the brilliant Game Over.

Ant-Fact: Game Over’s iconic art originally appeared on the cover of the May 1984 issue of Heavy Metal magazine. It was created by the talented Luis Royo.

Ant-Tactic: Grenades are generally useless against the mass of common enemies; save them for the slow-moving bosses.

Ant-ernative: For more tough Spanish 8-bit gaming, try Dinamic’s Turbo Girl, available on both

Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum on Antstream Arcade.

Super Breakout: Cavity

Finally for this roundup, we head back to the arcades and one of several Super Breakout games

available on Antstream Arcade. While Progressive boasts slowly-descending walls and Double gives the player an extra bat, Cavity sees extra balls housed within each level. Using your bat, free these balls and let the mayhem begin!

Ant-Fact: Super Breakout was devised by Ed Rotberg, creator of the wireframe classic, Battlezone.

Ant-Tactic: Make sure you don’t get caught between two balls – pick one, bounce it back and then

worry about the next one.

Ant-ernative: In addition to the other Super Breakout games, we also host some excellent 8-bit

home computer bat and ball games such as Atlantis’ Crack Up.

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