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Ten Awesome Challenges You Must Play on Antstream Arcade

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

One of the most popular aspects of Antstream Arcade is its challenges, embedded deep within many of the most popular games available. These strenuous trials are designed to test every retro gaming sinew and nerve, and here are a selection of some of our favourites for you to try.

Have you got what it takes to become an Antstream Arcade gamer legend?

Game: Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Challenge: Take Me to the Hospital Put as many of your opponent's team in the hospital as you can before the final whistle!

Let's face it, as much as we love a perfectly snared cross-field pass, or lightning fast counter attack goal, there’s little that gets the pulse racing more than fisticuffs in Speedball 2. Don’t like an opponent’s showboating? With this challenge, it’s actually a requirement to hospitalise as many of them as possible before the end of the match. Get shovin’ and bargin’!

Game: Lock 'n' Chase Challenge: Groundhoggin'

Walk off the right hand side of the screen as many times as possible without losing a life!

This classic Eighties arcade maze game is all about evading the long arm of the law, and what better way of giving the fuzz the slip than by using the screen wrap teleport? And now you can earn a shiny medal too thanks to this criminally cool challenge.

Game: Sly Spy

Challenge: Death From Above

It’s a ‘chuting gallery – how many enemies can you shoot before you hit the ground?

Parachuting into the city is Sly Spy, and below him await a horde of bad guys to take out. But he’s got plenty of company on the way down – dispatch as many enemies as you can to earn the adoration of millions. Oh, Sly!

Game: EDF: Earth Defense Force

Challenge: Faster Than Sound

How far can you fly the ship without firing a shot?

Fancy yourself as something of a pacifist? Well, Antstream Arcade challenges you to survive the furious shooter EDF for as long as possible without losing a life. You’ll lose eventually – but how far can you get before you do?

Game: Dark Seal

Challenge: Treasure Trove

Open as many treasure chests as you can without losing a life.

Isometric fantasy brawler Dark Seal is a fantastic classic game with another set of daunting challenges. Having scored 10,000 points without one nasty even laying a glove on you, the next task is to spring as much treasure as possible without losing a life. Show me the gold!

Game: Super Cars II

Challenge: Non-Contact

Mind the paint job! Complete as many laps as possible without hitting the opposition.

Antstream Arcade rewards careful drivers. For this safety-first challenge, you’ll need to avoid any little prangs with rival vehicles – one knock, and it’s quit or retry for you. Don’t take it too easy, though: the more laps you complete, the better chance of passing this test!

Game: CJ's Elephant Antics Challenge: Jumpin' Jack Frost

How many times can you get this snowman to jump over you without getting hit? Don't attack or you'll lose the challenge!

This fifth medal is one of the toughest challenges on Antstream Arcade. Hidden away in this trunk-tastic game is a rather mean-looking snowman. Help CJ dance away underneath his crushing jump to make this medal yours. Stay frosty big ears.

Game: Nitro Ball

Challenge: High Stakes Pinball Using the infinite rapid fire Rail Baster get as many points as possible in the macabre zone of Ghost Town!

As much as we like the sound of an infinite rail blaster, this is still a stiff early challenge for fans of the bizarre shoot-‘em-up/pinball crossover Nitro ball. All the clubs may have been closed down, but there’s still plenty of angry enemies to eliminate here.

Game: Spinmaster

Challenge: Mine All Mine!

How many points can you score on this Indiana-inspired level?

With this speedy challenge, Antstream Arcade pays homage to Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom as Spinmaster’s yoyo-spinning hero takes control of a speeding mine cart. Score as many points as you can within the level, and hope the brakes don’t fail!

Game: Magician Lord

Challenge: Gory Grenouille

How many frogs can you roast? You'll need to stay in dragon form!

Roast grenouille for breakfast, lord? Sorry, but you will have to cook them yourself, although the good news is there are plenty of the little (and not so little) fellows about. Now, hop to it, before you croak! Or rather, groan, with the quality of that pun.

So what are you waiting for? Time to sink your teeth into some of our top challenges! Download and play now -

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