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The Magnificent Mascots of Antstream Arcade

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

You can’t have great games without great characters, and on the Antstream Arcade there are many famous retro pixelated stars for subscribers to pick and choose from. Whether it’s that elusive mole, Monty, under-pressure cook Chef Pepper or the cheeky school kid Eric, these are the heroes that best represent Antstream Arcade – can you help them save the day?

Monty Mole

Poor Monty. Caught stealing coal to keep his family warm during the miner’s strike, he’s forced to go into hiding and, ultimately, escape to Europe in order to evade the long arm of the law. This tubby little talpidae is a cute and agile little fellow, and you can follow his story in Wanted Monty Mole, Monty On The Run and Auf Wiedersehen Monty on Antstream Arcade.

Chef Pepper

Short-order cook Peter Pepper is under some serious pressure in his fast food restaurant. The customers are demanding their burgers and, to make matters worse, Pepper’s ingredients are chasing him around his own kitchen! If you can stand the heat, help Chef Pepper to fulfil those covers in the classic BurgerTime and also take on some of Antstream Arcade's super challenges in Super BurgerTime!

Marco Rossi

With his shock of vibrant blonde hair and the white hairband that barely tames it, Major Marco Rossi of the Peregrine Falcons Squad is Metal Slug’s most enduring – and popular – character. Of Italian-American descent, Marco is also the most recognisable of all the series’ troopers, and always has a pithy quip on standby. Take control of this fearsome warrior in Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X now on the Antstream Arcade - come on!


Everyone knows that school is the happiest days of your life, unless your name happens to be Eric. Playable in the retro classics Skool Daze and Back To Skool, this rebellious student hero has to negotiate lines-happy teachers, rival bullies and tale-telling swots in order to avoid being expelled and win the heart of his girlfriend. Catapult at the ready!


This brace of manic platform retro masterpieces showcase the titular Zool, a masked green ninja creature from the nth dimension. Across a selection of wild and crazy worlds, Zool is another cute character that represents the best of UK talent on the Antstream Arcade. Catch him if you can in Zool and Zool 2.


It’s back to the 8-bit days for the lovable oval Dizzy who stars in a huge range of classic games on Antstream Arcade. Fragile, yet resourceful and dexterous, this little egg is our biggest star in terms of sheer number of games, with Fantasy World Dizzy, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy, Treasure Island Dizzy and a whole host more available to stream right now for subscribers!

Yuko Asou

Brave schoolgirl Yuko Asou is the star of the Valis series, of which Valis and Valis III are available on Antstream Arcade. Don’t let this young woman’s appearance deceive you: Yuko is an expert swordswoman, and a fearsome warrior, which is just as well considering she alone must defeat the evil King Rogles and save the world, all before class.


Everybody loves Horace, even though nobody is quite sure who – or what – he is. Short and round, with a pair of wide and vacant eyes, this hero of the ZX Spectrum computer stars in three classic retro games on Antstream Arcade: Hungry Horace, Horace And The Spiders and the famous piste simulation cross Frogger clone, Horace Goes Skiing, which now includes challenges!

Joe & Mac

It’s back to the arcades now, and back even further in time to the prehistoric era. Featuring in Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja and Joe & Mac Returns, these wide-eyed, frantic, bouncy and grinning funsters must overcome dinosaurs and challenge rival cavemen in order to win back their girlfriends. If it’s entertainment you’re after, why not go clubbing with these two endearing stars of Antstream Arcade?

Jump into Antstream Arcade now and help all these retro rascals save the day! The only question is, what will you play first?

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