Antstream Arcade is a retro games platform with over a thousand carefully curated games to choose from. With one account across multiple devices (from gaming consoles to phones and tablets), take on friends or foes in our exclusively coded challenges or try your hat at our casual esports tournaments. It's your choice whether you dip in, or go deep!



Casual, fun and competitive all in one.   Every week Antstream will feature a unique challenge and give you a chance to see how you stack up against the competition. By following your friends and rivals you can create a unique leaderboard or you can just see where you rank globally.  The is retro gaming reinvented!


We've taken a dive into the code of some of your favorite retro games to create some all-new challenges. Beat the challenges and you'll unlock new ones (and we're always adding more), or you can pick a fellow antstreamer for a head-to-head battle.


Nothing beats climbing the leaderboard of your favorite game and seeing your name sitting pretty at the top. Our retro games all have rankings so you can take on the best in the business and see if you've got what it takes to achieve the ultimate high score.Just like the old school arcades, but better. 


Antstream Arcade has the world's largest collection of licensed games for you to enjoy. Play games like Space Invaders, Bomb Jack, Bubble Bobble and more in its original format or in a new way. 

Play Antstream Arcade on your terms – whether at home on your console, computer or smart TV, or on the go on your mobile or tablet device, retro gaming has never been more accessible.

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