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Gender Equality Plan


Antstream Ltd is dedicated to fostering gender equality throughout our organisation. We recognise the importance of creating an inclusive workplace where all employees, regardless of gender, have equal opportunities, treatment, and representation. This Gender Equality Plan outlines our commitment to promoting gender equality and outlines specific initiatives to achieve this goal.

Our Commitment

By implementing this Gender Equality Plan, Antstream Ltd is committed to creating a workplace that values diversity, ensures equal opportunities, and fosters an inclusive environment for all employees.

1. Leadership Commitment:

Our leadership team is committed to championing gender equality. This includes promoting diversity at all levels of the organisation, actively participating in initiatives that support gender equality, and leading by example to create a culture of inclusion.

2. Recruitment and Hiring:


  1.  Implement unbiased recruitment practices to ensure fair and equal consideration of all candidates.

  2. Set specific diversity goals for hiring processes to increase the representation of underrepresented genders in our workforce.

  3. Provide training to hiring managers and interviewers on unconscious bias and inclusive hiring practices.


3. Equal Pay:


  1. Conduct regular pay equity audits to identify and address any gender pay gaps.

  2.  Establish transparent and standardized salary structures (Employment Levels) to ensure fair compensation for all employees based on their roles and responsibilities.


4. Career Development and Advancement:


  1.  Implement mentorship and sponsorship programs to support the professional development of employees, with a particular focus on underrepresented genders.

  2. Provide training and resources to help employees overcome barriers to advancement, such as negotiation skills and leadership development.


5. Work-Life Balance:


  1. Promote flexible work arrangements and policies that support work-life balance for all employees, regardless of gender.

  2. Encourage the use of family-friendly policies, such as parental leave and childcare support.


6. Diversity and Inclusion Training:


  1. Conduct regular diversity and inclusion training for all employees to raise awareness of unconscious biases and promote a more inclusive workplace culture.

  2.  Include specific modules addressing gender equality and sensitivity in training programs.


7. Safe and Inclusive Workplace:


  1. Develop and enforce a zero-tolerance policy for any form of harassment, discrimination, or bias based on gender.

  2. Establish clear reporting mechanisms and ensure that all complaints are promptly and thoroughly investigated.


8. Employee Resource Groups:


Encourage the formation of employee resource groups focused on gender equality to provide support, networking opportunities, and a platform for addressing specific challenges faced by different genders within the company.


9. Regular Monitoring and Reporting:


Conduct regular assessments and reviews to measure progress in achieving gender equality goals. Publish transparent reports on gender diversity metrics, pay equity, and other relevant indicators.


10. Community Engagement:


Engage with external organizations and initiatives that promote gender equality in the gaming industry like Women in Games. Actively participate in events, sponsorships, and partnerships that align with our commitment to gender equality.

Steven Cottam

CEO, Antsream Ltd

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