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Antstream Arcade is the world’s largest cloud retro gaming service. We deliver thousands of the world's best games into the hands of hundreds of thousands of gamers every second of every day.  We do this because we have a passion for classic games and for bleeding-edge technology.


We truly believe that by combining gaming's past with gaming's future, we can build the platform and technology for the games industries next 50 years.

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We believe in a stress-free working environment, one that encourages collaboration. For us, a great idea can come from anywhere and anyone. We like to be inspired by each other, and by our dedicated community of gamers that span the globe.

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is a family of
retro gamers and technical wizards.

Our team uses its diversity of thinking and problem solving to create stunning interfaces, design compelling experiences, and code bleeding-edge technology. We love retro games that entertain us, and by creating new challenges for them that breathe new life into these old classics. We love to challenge the impossible and define the future. We like to have fun, drink, eat, and play games.

Our Culture

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At Antstream we recognise that our world has changed and that our industry has evolved. We have a blended working environment with the team splitting their time between our office in London where we collaborate and create, and our own homes. We also support our team members who are located outside the UK and we all come together, whether is in the office or at home, in our virtual studio. We have a constantly evolving space that allows us to wander over and have a chat, hold full team meetings, socialise with gaming evenings, or collaborate in an ideation session. 

A workplace that works for you

Come and join the team

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