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Antstream Arcade Says Goodbye to Warner Brothers

For Now.

Since we launched, we’ve added over 1400 games and one of the hardest decisions we have to make is where to position our licensing budgets.


After three great years with Warner Brothers and the Midway collection, we decided it was time to bring some fresh content to our players. This tough decision enables us to increase our catalogue by 100s more titles bringing the maximum possible value to our players.


We have some great upcoming titles including Truxton, Snow Bros, Jim Power in Mutant Planet, the all time classic, Pong, Rival Turf, Bang!, Burglar X and Super Turrican Score Attack Version. More excitingly, an exclusive unreleased original SNES game, Mr Tuff and the incredible, highly rated indie game for megadrive, Demons of Asteborg and many, many more.


What’s more, we’ve worked really hard to secure our Namco collection for Xbox and we look forward to announcing their release very soon - watch this space!


Antstream releases new titles on the platform every week, a process that involves complex licensing and negotiations with original game developers and IP owners. This ensures owners of the games are paid in a fair manner and the games are playable just as the original creator intended them to. It’s our mission to one day have every game that has ever existed playable on the platform on any device, anywhere in the world.


Some of our favourite games from Warner included classics such as Mortal Kombat, Smash TV and Rampage. Some of which racked up an incredible 30k hours each of game play. Mortal Kombat alone was played across 153 countries with the highest score being set on 12th February 2022 by Antstream user “comboace" in the United States with a staggering 10719000 points. One of the most popular Antstream exclusive Mortal Kombat challenges is “Test your Might” with almost 2000 players achieving a coveted gold medal securing their spot as ultimate in retro gaming.


Anstream is heavily investing in the platform itself, it’s well worth checking out our latest Antstream Connect update which features highlighted upcoming titles and a deeper look into Project Vision, Antstream’s long awaited major platform update.  Project Vision will also allow us to better display games that will be coming and going from the platform in future.


In celebration of our time with Warner Brothers, we have created a set of Last Chance tournaments and game highlights to enjoy over the weekend. Once WB titles leave Antstream, all users game data will be safely archived, such as game saves, scores, achievements and challenge history for reference at a later date.


Mike Rouse, our Head of Studio has put together a quick video update here


For any further questions please contact us through or our discord server #warner-brothers in the support section.


We appreciate everyone’s support and helping our mission in game preservation and accessibility, see you in the next giant slayer!

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Mike Rouse, Head of Studio at Antstream Arcade announces Warner Brothers farewell to the platform.

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