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37 Years Of The Amstrad CPC on Antstream Arcade

In October 2021, we introduced another new format to Antstream, Alan Sugar’s pride and joy of the Eighties, the Amstrad CPC computer. Released in 1985 as a rival to the Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64, the CPC quickly gained popularity throughout Europe with its solid design and colourful games. The Amstrad CPC library is growing fast on Antstream Arcade – here’s a rundown of what you can play so far, with many more to come and all free to play!

Xyphoe’s Nightmare

First up is an Antstream Arcade exclusive! Programmed by Phil Sandiford (AKA Yellow Belly), this cute platformer is the first game written and designed specifically for Antstream Arcade. Xyphoe’s Nightmare stars renowned Amstrad CPC nut Xyphoe stuck in a nightmare of 8-bit proportions. Can you guide the cuddly Xyphoe past bouncing Dizzys, fire sprites and… Kate’s evil brussels sprouts?!

Xyphoe’s regularly streams celebrating the Amstrad CPC computer (known as Amstreams), he is also an Anstreamer and plays a lot of the challenges so feel free to send him request on Antstream Arcade .

Cybernoid II: The Revenge

Time for a dip back to the Eighties now with this Raffaelle Cecco classic from 1988. The pirates from the original Cybernoid are back and are once more plundering Federation depots for treasure. As you did such fine work last time in taking on the greedy corsairs, the Federation has asked you to dispense hot justice and grab back as much of its munitions and cargo as possible. But beware: this mission is just as perilous as the first one!

Who Dares Wins II

Let’s remain in the 80s with another sequel, this brilliant run ‘n’ gun game from Alligata, Alternative Software and ace coder Steve Evans. Enemy soldiers have overrun eight towns. Playing a lone commando, you travel upwards throughout each town, eliminating foes and rescuing your imprisoned compatriots. Armed with a rapid-fire machine gun and a cache of grenades, this is one challenging mission – dare you try and win?

Bug’s Quest For Tapes

It’s Yellow Belly time again! Bug’s Quest For Tapes is a simple and fun platform game starring Bug, AKA Novabug. Novabug is keen to make more shows, but first, he has to collect enough tapes before getting to work in his BugLoft. There are plenty of wacky adversaries in this upbeat and entertaining game, a loving homage to classics such as Jet Set Willy. Run VT!

A Prelude To Chaos

EgoTrip’s adventure game Prelude To Chaos is based on the Spectrum game of the same name. Now bigger and more complex, it stars Amy as she travels through her land, collecting power jewels to disable the Cyborg Queen’s machines. With four different types of weapons, devious puzzles and dozens of screens to explore, this is a fantastic homebrew addition to the Amstrad CPC library on Antstream Arcade. We also host Jewel Warehouse, a companion game to A Prelude To Chaos along a similar theme.


The first game by legendary game developer Tony Warriner, Obsidian, is a flick-screen sci-fi adventure set aboard the eponymous space station. Unfortunately, a radiation storm has damaged the station’s engines – only you can restore power, reset the Obsidian’s engines and prevent its total destruction in the nearby black hole! Check out the story of Obsidian here.


Splat is an 80s gaming experience like no other! Starring a loveable X known as Zippy, Splat!’s maze constantly and randomly moves. Guide Zippy around the brick walls, collect grass and fruit and avoid getting splatted! Programmed by Incentive Software founder Ian Andrew, Splat! is a unique and entertaining arcade game, now available on the Amstrad CPC on Antstream Arcade.


Oceano is another homebrew effort from the coding talents of EgoTrip. The game once more stars the loveable heroine, Amy, who has decided to explore the ocean's depths and attempt to plunder a score of fabled crystals. But, alas, this ocean is far from empty; robotic fish shoot acidic spit at her submarine while bouncing bubbles threaten to crush it instantly. Colourful, fun and sweet, this is another fantastic Amstrad CPC homebrew game waiting to be discovered on Antstream Arcade.

Thanks for reading our Amstrad CPC round-up!

Please get involved by telling us what Amstrad games you would like to see on Antstream Arcade!

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