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Anarchy & Karate Champ Are This Week’s New Titles

Updated: Jun 12

A puzzle shooter and classic fighting game join the Antstream library this week.

Antstream players can this week enjoy the puzzle shooter Anarchy (Amstrad CPC) and the arcade fighting game Karate Champ (Arcade). Also, this week’s challenge takes place in Double Dragon and is called “Fight of your Life”.

Anarchy originally released in 1987 for Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and other platforms.

In Anarchy, players take control of a tank and must navigate a maze-like complex, destroying supplies and avoiding the security droids. Across 16 levels, the player will have to destroy all of the supplies while also finding the exit to move onto the next level. Some security droids can be stunned, while others are invulnerable and will mercilessly hunt the player down.

Karate Champ is an arcade fighting game from 1984 that blazed the trail for future one on one fighting games using a best of three match format. Relatively simple by today’s standards, Karate Champ proved to be a commercial success, both in the arcades and one home computers. In Karate Champ, the player has a variety of Karate moves at their disposal with a view of landing a hit against their opponent. There are no health bars, but rather hits earn points with the winner being the first to two points.

We look forward to seeing players climb the leaderboards in both Anarchy and Karate Champ, while also taking on the Double Dragon challenge. New titles are regularly added to the Antstream library, so keep checking back to find out more.

Happy Gaming!!

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