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Antstream Arcade in the News

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Don't just take our word for it! Read below what the press is saying about Antstream Arcade:

"Antstream does for video gaming what Netflix did for movies and TV shows"

The Independent, October 22 2020

"Antstream Offers Retro Gaming Fans The Netflix of Video Games – and it's Coming to Invade Your Living Room"

Stealth Optional, October 21 2020

"Antstream Arcade To Hold World's First Online Pac-Man Tournament"

Bleeding Cool, October 20 2020

"Pac-Man Guinness World Record holder Billy Mitchell gives top tips for becoming a pro gamer"

The Sun, October 20 2020

"Antstream can stream over 1,200 retro games for $10 a month"

Venture Beat, October 2 2020

"Antstream Arcade review: Explore gaming's golden age with niche but fun service"

The Mirror, August 31 2020

"StarHub, Antstream Arcade game streaming partnership"

Advanced Television, August 25 2020

"Antstream Arcade is a friendly place to play the most iconic games ever created– Streaming the past into the present with Antstream"

MCV/Develop, August 12 2020

"Disney vet Khan joins retro streaming platform Antstream"

PC Games Insider, July 8 2020


GamingLyfe, June 23 2020

"Antstream is Netflix for retro gamers – but is it good enough to take on the AAA game streaming competition?"

TechRadar, June 20 2020

"Antstream Arcade to add Team17 classics including Worms and Alien Breed"

The Digital Fix, June 2020

"Antstream Review"

PCMag, April 27 2020

"There’s Never Been A Better Time To Start Loving Old Video Games"

LadBible, April 20 2020

"Retro Gaming Subscription: How to Stream Thousands of Popular Arcade Games"

Screen Rant, March 16 2020

"Antstream Arcade partners with Taito to bring legendary retro games, including Space Invaders, to the platform"

GamaSutra, Feburary 26 2020

"Retro game streaming platform ‘Antstream Arcade’ partners with SNK"

Kit Guru, December 5 2019

"Jobs Roundup: Antstream Arcade taps CNN vets for CMO, CDO roles"

GamesIndustry.biz, October 29 2019

"Atari: Antstream Arcade to bring thousands of retro games to Atari VCS console"

Venture Beat, September 29 2019

"As UK start-up launches 'Netflix for retro gaming', would you pay £9.99 a month to play Dizzy and Double Dragon?"

The Telegraph, July 5 2019

"Retro Streaming Service Antstream Arcade goes live in the UK"

Hardcore Gamer, July 2 2019

"The streaming service that wants to save the retro gaming biz from piracy"

ArsTechnica, May 2 2019

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