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Desolator & One Arrive On Antstream

Shoot down alien craft or fire an arm-cannon in this week’s two new titles.

Two more new titles come to the Antstream library this week. Defend the Energiser and shoot down alien craft in Desolator (MSX) and find out just what is going on, while firing an arm-cannon, in One (PSOne). Both games will be available this week on Antstream, alongside the latest challenge “Drawing On All Possibilities” in Doodle World (NES).

Desolator is an action game initially released in 1986 for the MSX system, developed and published by Gremlin Interactive. Taking inspiration from Defender, this is a horizontally scrolling shooter in which the player controls a small craft. The objectives for each level vary, often revolving around defending an artefact called the Energiser, or surviving certain waves of enemies. Desolator also features a radar display at the top of the screen, giving advance warning of enemies that are off screen, and a smart bomb known as the Desolator.

Launched for the Sony PlayStation in 1997, One is a 3D platform shooter. In One, the player takes on the role of John Cain, a man who has no memory, is being chased by the military and police, and just so happens to have had an arm replaced with a gun.

Through the six available levels, players will fight their way through police and military forces, tackle tricky bosses at the end of each level, and try to solve the mystery of who Cain actually is. Players will punch, kick and shoot enemies, while filling a rage meter that will give access to more powerful abilities needed to finish each level.

Whether shooting aliens, or shooting military agents, there will be a lot of bullets flying this week on Antstream. Perhaps the “Drawing On All Possibilities” challenge in Doodle World will be more sedate? Or maybe not…

We’ll see you next week with more great titles to play anytime, anywhere.

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