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Play The Game, Love The Game & Wear The Game with Antstream Arcade and Seven Squared

With hundreds of videogames ready to stream, there’s never a shortage of something to play on

Antstream Arcade. But hold that controller – we’re not the only ones out there that are officially

licensing classic games for a contemporary audience. Antstream Arcade are thrilled to partner up

with Seven Squared, vendors of authorised apparel of a distinctly retro gaming feel. With its unique range of t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, now you can play the game on Antstream Arcade and wear the game courtesy of Seven Squared. Check out our ten mutual favourites and love the game! If you like any of the clothes on the list, click the picture to view the product on the website.

Speedball 2


Ice cream! Ice cream! The Bitmap Brothers hit the big time in 1990 with this violent futuristic sports sequel, appropriately subtitled Brutal Deluxe. Take part in a league or knock-out competition where rough and tumble is not just encouraged but positively required! With score bonuses available on the field and a manic, feverish pace, this is one of the finest sci-fi sports games of all time.


There’s a big range of Speedball 2 related merch on Seven Squared, but our fave is this tee that evinces the original cover of The Bitmap Brothers game in a trendy sport grey hue.

Sensible Soccer


Originally released in 1992, Sensible Software’s brilliant soccer simulation is as fast and hectic as Speedball 2 only without the wanton violence! Take on a host of teams in league or cups and attack the opposition goal with every player capable of unleashing crazily swerving shots. Inspired by Sensible’s own Microprose Soccer from four years earlier, we also have the follow-up, Sensible

World Of Soccer on Antstream Arcade.


Of the many Sensible items on Seven Squared, our favourite is this tee, presented in an appropriate bright green as four players battle it out on your very own chest.



One of the classics of the Golden Age of Arcade Games, Battlezone is a compelling game of cat and mouse, presented in beautifully clean and time-resistant vector graphics. Pioneering back in 1980 and revered today, this is an ageless and elegant game, ready to play on Antstream Arcade!


Seven Squared have recently added a military green Battlezone sweatshirt to its range. We think it looks fantastic, and should keep you comfortably cosy while gaming during the cold winter.

Impossible Mission


Stay a while… stay- oh you know the story! This legendary Commodore 64 spy caper debuted in 1984 and still looks impressive today. Leap around the platforms, dodge deadly robots and span plummeting drops in order to foil the evil Dr. Elvin Atombender.


We reckon you’ll look impossibly cool playing Impossible Mission while wearing this exclusive spy-themed design from Seven Squared.

Horace Goes Skiing


Poor old Horace – he’s desperate to go skiing but the ski shop stands resolutely on the other side of a busy road. Guide the little fellow across the tarmac before rushing back and taking to the slopes. Mind that tree, Horace!


With its 8-bit styled snowflakes and festive fir trees, this chilly Horace Goes Skiing tee would make an ideal Christmas present for any retro fan.

Millie & Mollie


Carleton Handley’s devious puzzle game is one of an increasingly larger pool of homebrew games on Antstream Arcade. Featuring 100 levels, loads of tunes and an ultra-useful rewind feature should you – when you – get stuck, this is a modern masterpiece on a retro computer, the

Commodore 64.


The game’s two stars are plotting their next escape in this colourful Millie & Mollie tee from Seven Squared. Damn you indeed, level 45!



We have a veritable egg basket of Dizzy games on Antstream Arcade, from the 1988 original to spin-offs and 16-bit remakes. Whether you’re after a bit of arcade adventuring, puzzling or pure arcade fun, the Dizzy series has you covered.


In this lively Seven Squared tee, the heroic egg Dizzy is being hounded by a mean-looking burger from the spin-off game, Fast Food.

Head over Heels


Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond’s magnum opus is one of the most fondly-remembered isometric games of the Eighties. Full of mind-challenging puzzles and agility tests, the player must take advantage of each character’s inimitable abilities before teaming them up to combat even stiffer challenges.


This handsome Head Over Heels t-shirt features the two title characters, Head about to fire a doughnut from his hooter, Heels getting ready to make a run for it.



Released by Gremlin and subtitled Ninja Of The Nth Dimension, Zool is the tale of Zool, a crazy ant-like alien, crash landed on Earth. Full of madcap mini-games, action-packed levels and feverish gameplay, this is one of the famous UK publisher’s finest games.


Slip on this amazing storm grey Zool hoodie from Seven Squared and you will be instantly

transformed into the coolest being in the whole galaxy.



Regarded by many as the absolute pinnacle of 8-bit shoot-‘em-ups, Uridium is Andrew

Braybrook’s genre-busting tour de force, released by Hewson in 1986. Pilot your Manta class spacecraft across a series of dreadnoughts, dodging enemies and solid protruding constructions.

Wear: This Uridium tee from Seven Squared distils the game to title and protagonist, the sleek

Manta gliding along a dreadnought while letting loose its deadly laser fire.

Also on both Antstream Arcade and Seven Squared: Wizball, Alien Breed, Back To Skool, Skool Daze, Gods, Way Of The Exploding Fist, Summer Games, Jumpman, Xenon, Trailblazer and many more!

Why not give your wardrobe a retro recharge at Seven Squared and help support the

videogames industry charity Safe In Our World at the same time!

Read more about Seven Squared and Safe In Our World here:!


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