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Retro Games Fit For A King… or Queen: Royalty On Antstream

With King Charles’s coronation this weekend, join Antstream Arcade as we celebrate eight of the benign (and not-so-benign) royal rulers across our retro game collection. From demanding Kings to evil Queens and heroic princesses, these are the most eminent and powerful sovereigns that you can meet, for free, on Antstream Arcade.

Royalty: Prince Clumsy

Poor old Prince Clumsy. Saddled with an unfortunate (yet totally accurate) moniker, this king-in-waiting must rescue the apple of his eye, a comely princess, from a nefarious gang of rapscallions. Prince Clumsy travels across dark chasms, acid waterfalls and – gulp – a village of fear to free the fair maiden. Fortunately, he’s armed with his trusty dagger and can quaff ale to replenish his lost stamina. Just be careful not to trip over your own feet, Prince Clumsy!

Royal Rating: 2 crowns out of 5

Royalty: Queen Gremla

Queen Gremla has been very naughty. Actually, scratch that: Queen Gremla has been very, very naughty. However, no one will tell this malevolent monarch off; she rules with absolute power over her galaxy, partly due to the iron fist of her loyal commander, Arkos. But Arkos has acquired a conscience and seeks to free the oppressed population of these distant worlds. Driven mad with power, her formerly faithful lieutenant strives to end Queen Gremla’s reign once and for all.

Royal Rating: 4 crowns out of 5

Royalty: Princess Athena

Princess Athena yearns for an exciting life. Suddenly, while living a cossetted existence inside the secure walls of her family’s palace, her life is transformed when she foolishly opens a door marked ‘Door Which Should Not Be Opened’. Without warning, the young princess finds herself falling from the sky into the deceptively bucolic and verdant realm of Fantasy World. Unfortunately, an evil and ruthless emperor rules this kingdom – can Athena free Fantasy World’s inhabitants and, more to the point, return to her own?

Royal Rating: 3 crowns out of 5

Royalty: King Dilsarl

Demons and abominations abound in the kingdom of King Dilsarl, the benevolent and slightly-ancient ruler of Dirzir. A wicked wizard called Balrog has unleashed her minions upon the world and seeks to mingle her blood with that of a human king – and King Dilsarl is her target! When Balrog kidnaps Princess Salassa, the king vows to bequeath his whole kingdom to whoever can rescue his beloved only daughter. Who will step up to the challenge?

Royal Rating: 2 crowns out of 5

Royalty: Evil Queen

A nasty shock greets Sir Galaheart when he returns home to Torot. The previously peaceful inhabitants of the land are gone, replaced by demonic apparitions, ghastly imitations of their former selves. The Evil Queen (the clue is in the name), having seized the magical Firestone, has laid waste to her realm, consigning its populace to a dismal existence. But this dastardly ruler has a plan: all she needs is one valiant knight, one foolhardy, nay foolish, soldier to go forth to the dangerous land of Torot and retrieve her coveted quartet of eternal youth charms. Oh, hello, Sir Galaheart! Fancy going on a quest?

Royal Rating: 4 crowns out of 5

Royalty: Princess and King of Marry Land

Don Doko Don is the tale of Bob and Jim, a brace of gallant dwarves out to rescue the princess and king of Marry Land. Armed with a solid mallet each, these two vertically-challenged heroes travel the land in search of the royal pair, whacking enemies with their weapons while avoiding the deadly Flying Devil. But remember, lads, this isn’t just about the princess – don’t forget to rescue the king, too!

Royal Rating: 3 crowns out of 5

Royalty: Princess Mariana

Ooh, he’s a swine, that Drax. Overcome with desire for the lovely princess Mariana (can’t say I blame him – Ed.), the evil sorcerer has kidnapped the damsel and imprisoned her within his dark, foreboding and somewhat drafty castle. Forced to watch champion after champion fall to Drax’s minions, Princess Mariana finally finds a glimmer of hope when a wild and fierce barbarian from the north takes up the challenge. Can this ultimate warrior vanquish the forces of darkness and free her from their icy grasp?

Royal Rating: 4 crowns out of 5

Royalty: Queen Elisabeth

Queen Elisabeth loves her pesky gang of Corgi dogs and will do anything to keep the mini-hounds happy. They look like they would enjoy a sausage or two, but she’s the Queen – she can’t wander around the kitchens looking for food. Better to order the palace flunky down there so Queenie can continue her royal duties while the pooches are taken care of.

Royal Rating: 5 crowns out of 5

Congratulations, you made it to the end of the article! Here’s our new king, King Charles III, with a short message for you. Oh, don’t worry – he calls everyone that!

To keep up with all the new games, challenges and tournaments on Antstream Arcade, head to the haven of retrogaming, our Discord server:

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