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New On Antstream Arcade This Week: SNK Special - Part Two!

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Last week we gave you the lowdown on five new retro games from the SNK stable that have

debuted on Antstream Arcade recently. Today we proudly present another quintet of retro gaming delights from the Japanese giant, including manic shoot-‘em-ups, a cute platformer and a

futuristic sports sim. Like the look of these pixelated marvels? Then head on over to to find out more!

Alpha Mission II

The scheming aliens known as the Fulvalence Groma have returned! Having failed to get the

hint in the original Alpha Mission (also available on Antstream under its alternate name,

ASO: Armored Scrum Object), there’s another multitude of enemy spaceships and ground

forces to take out in this daunting shoot-‘em-up that will test every sinew of your gameplay

skills. Fortunately, there’s help at hand with a range of power-ups that boost your sylph-like

craft, most notably three segments of armour that, once collected, offer superior protection

and attack bonuses. Together with its catchy, tech-cool soundtrack, Alpha Mission II is a

fantastic vertically-scrolling shooter that’s well worth jumping into.

Ant-Fact: Alpha Mission II is set in the year 2525, ten years after the events of the original

Alpha Mission.

Ant-Tactic: Don’t forget to collect those G icons – they represent money, which can be used

to purchase upgrades at the end of each level.

Fatal Fury Special

As with Metal Slug X (which we featured in last week’s round up), Fatal Fury Special is an

upgraded version of a previous game, in this case Fatal Fury 2. And while the gameplay may

appear ostensibly the same, there are enough improvements to make it diverse enough to

warrant highlighting. Featuring the same pseudo-3D graphics of the original, Fatal Fury

Special embellishes the backgrounds and characters (including a fresh colour scheme for

each) and adds three more playable fighters, not least arch-villain Geese Howard. Throw in a

new special mode and combo moves and the result is a sure-fire winner. Let’s fight!

Ant-Fact: The Fatal Fury anime series expands the background of each character, with Fatal

Fury 2: The New Battle pitching Terry Bogard against Wolfgang Krauser in an epic and

colourful face off.

Ant-Tactic: Make Fatal Fury Special’s dual plane work in your favour by switching rapidly

between planes before launching a devastating cross-plane attack!

Blue's Journey

If you fancy a break from all that shooting and fighting then why not try some charming

platform action along with the cerulean star of this SNK game? A resident of the peaceful

planet of Raguy, Blue’s world is turned upside down when the Daruma Tribe invade,

converting his fellow Raguyians into slaves and infesting the beautiful countryside. Across

the horizontally-scrolling landscape, Blue encounters the malicious Daruma, whom he can

subdue with a swift wave of his magic leaf. Pick up the prostrate enemy and hurl him at his

colleagues so you can liberate your world. Raguy forever!

Ant-Fact: Blue’s Journey was developed by one of SNK’s closest allies, Alpha Denshi. They

also created, among others, Crossed Swords and World Heroes.

Ant-Tactic: There are many beneficial power-ups in Blue’s Journey including a catfish (stuns

all enemies), pine cone (invincibility) and honey pot (energy boost).

Ghost Pilots

Fans of the 1942 series and Flying Shark are in for a treat on Antstream with this first-rate

shoot-‘em-up from SNK. Starring the eponymous spiritual flyers Tom Phillips and Charlie

Stingley, these are two pilots of a different nature, taking control of elegant seaplanes

against an oppressive menace. As with the aforementioned games, shooting down the

formations of red planes releases a power-up such as smart bombs or multi shot, and you’ll

need these if you’re to make any progress against an immense army of enemy tanks, boats

and gun emplacements.

Ant-Fact: Ghost Pilots expertly avoids specific plot details, although the names of the heroes

suggests an American slant to their nationality. Why seaplanes? Don’t ask us…

Ant-Tactic: As in 1942, larger planes often appear from behind. Be aware whenever the

screen in front of you clears that one of these big chaps could be creeping up on you.

2020 Super Baseball

Welcome to the Cyber Egg Stadium in the distant year of 2020. Ok, so maybe it’s not so

distant these days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with this futuristic sports

simulation in the vein of Cyberball and Speedball. Featuring robotic players, jet-packs and a

sleek, metallic arena, money earned for special actions during each innings can be spent on

power-ups for your team, and you’ll need them if you’re going to triumph in the twin

leagues, nicknamed Exciting and Fighting. This is baseball, sports fans, but with a gloriously

sci-fi lustre. Let’s play ball!

Ant-Fact: Unlike the game we know and love today, in Super Baseball 2020 you can only

score a home run by hitting the ball over the central part of the surrounding fence. Perfect

timing is required.

Ant-Tactic: Given that they are prone to breaking down, and even exploding when

overtaxed, robot players are best used with caution. Watch those slides!If y


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