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That’s All Folks: An Antstream Arcade Farewell To Warner Bros

Word on the streets is that Warner Bros is leaving Antstream Arcade, but do not fret retro gamer! For every game, there is an alternative or Ant-ernative; for every legend, another hero is willing to step into the breach. Join us as we look at what you can discover instead…
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Shrinking Back To Human Form: Rampage

It’s a hectic, erm, rampage throughout several American cities in this arcade classic. You could choose from three gargantuan monsters (the lupine Ralph, lizard Lizzie and giant ape George) and wreak havoc on buildings, people, cars and more.

Rampage Cover

Ant-ernative: King Of The Monsters (SNK, 1991)

Like Rampage, SNK’s King Of The Monsters features a range of oversized creatures causing bedlam across various cities. Once more, we have a King Kong homage in the massive monkey Woo, and the Godzilla-like Geon, the buggy Beetle Mania, and more join him. The King Of The Monsters is available on Antstream Arcade now!

King Of The Monsters Cover

Off To Defend Another Galaxy: Defender

Alien invaders are threatening humanity, capturing innocents and diabolically transforming them into mutants. Your mission was to take them out in this fast-paced shoot-‘em-up legend of the arcades.

Defender Cover

Ant-ernative: R-Type (Irem, 1987)

If rock-hard space shooters are your thing, then R-Type is the perfect alternative to its illustrious forebear. Blast off and strike the evil Bydo Empire!

R-Type Cover

The Tournament Ends: Mortal Kombat

Raiden and his chums have packed their bags. The arcade one-on-one beat-‘em-up, often credited with revitalising the genre, is moving to another mysterious island. But fear not – we have plenty of similar retro games on Antstream Arcade.

Mortal Kombat Cover

Ant-ernative: Samurai Shodown (SNK, 1993)

There’s another cast of eclectic characters in this brutal one-on-one fighter from SNK. Choose your character and slice your way across feudal Japan in the brilliant Samurai Shodown.

Samurai Shodown Cover

Rolling Away: Marble Madness

A game of both skill and extreme frustration, Marble Madness was an oddity of the arcades, putting the player in control of a simple marble with just one goal: roll to the end!

Marble Madness Cover

Ant-ernative: Spindizzy (Alternative/Electric Dreams, 1985)

Marble Madness and the isometric games of Ultimate inspired programmer Paul Shirley to create this wonderful explore-‘em-up in 1985. Like Marble Madness, your primary enemy is time, and you can play the Amstrad original and ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 ports on Antstream Arcade.

Spindizzy Cover

Driving Into The Sunset: Spy Hunter

In Spy Hunter, the player thundered down a series of roads, avoiding civilians while taking out bad guys with a front-facing cannon and rear-pointing oil slicks and smoke clouds.

Spy Hunter Cover

Ant-ernative: Battle Lane Vol. 5 (Technos, 1985)

It’s Spy Hunter – on a bike! Guide your skittish motorcycle across a series of dangerous locations, each stuffed full of motorised bad guys.

Battle Lane Vol. 5 Cover

Hoop Dreams: Arch Rivals

It was all about the (basket) brawl in this action-packed two-on-two basketball simulation. You picked your brace of players and fought dirty or clean – without forgetting those baskets!

Arch Rivals Cover

Ant-ernative: Dunk Dream (Data East, 1994)

Data East added a further player per side to this basketball sim while omitting some of the darker arts promoted in Arch Rivals. Nevertheless, it’s a more-than-capable alternative to the Warner game.

Dunk Dream Cover

The Season Ends: Championship Sprint

Superfast overhead racing came to the arcades in 1986 as players pitted their driving skills across increasingly bendy tracks. A blistering sequel to Super Sprint.

Championship Sprint Cover

Ant-ernative: Super Cars II (Gremlin, 1991)

Don’t get road rage – we have another sequel, ideally suited to those Antstreamers looking for more overhead racing action. Gremlin’s violent and exciting Super Cars II should do you nicely and is available to play on Antstream Arcade for free!

Super Cars II Cover

Kookistan Konquered: Total Carnage

Total Carnage is so full of pandemonium, it even named one of its characters Major Mayhem. Joining him is Captain Carnage, and they’re on a chaotic mission to destroy the evil dictator, General Akhboob.

Total Carnage Cover

Ant-ernative: Metal Dragon (Kai Magazine Software, 2021)

This homebrew Sega Mega Drive and MSX game evokes the spirit of Total Carnage, Mercs, Metal Gear and more and is just as fun as that sounds! Play it now on Antstream Arcade.

Metal Dragon Cover

Twin-Stick Heaven: Robotron 2084

Eugene Jarvis’s magic dual joystick shooter took the arcades and Antstream Arcade by storm. Your mission: destroy the human-made Robotrons with your mutated eight-direction energy pulses.

Robotron 2084 Cover

Ant-ernative: Llamatron 2112 (Llamasoft, 1991)

Llamasoft’s Jeff Minter loves crazy shoot-‘em-ups, and they don’t come any crazier than this loving homage to the 1982 arcade game. The biggest difference? You’re rescuing sheep instead of humans. Of course.

Llamatron 2112 Cover

Heading For The Exit: Gauntlet

Wizard shot the food! If this brings a grimace to your face, you’ll be familiar with the multiplayer legend that is Gauntlet. The ultimate dungeon romp.

Gauntlet Cover

Ant-ernative: Dark Seal (Data East, 1990)

It may offer a different perspective, but Dark Seal takes the spirit of Gauntlet in another manic dungeon crawl adventure with four characters to choose from.

Dark Seal Cover

The Devil Rides Out: Satan’s Hollow

If you were fed up with taking on hordes of aliens or enemy spaceships, Satan’s Hollow offered up a different, if not ultimate, villain – the dark lord Satan himself and all of his horrific minions. Same process, though – blast ‘em!

Satan’s Hollow Cover

Ant-ernative: Centipede (Atari, 1981)

Arcade fixed shoot-‘em-ups are plentiful on Antstream Arcade, and we’ve got the perfect solution for those of you lamenting Satan’s Hollow: Atari’s classic bug blaster, Centipede. Play it now, for free, on Antstream Arcade!

Centipede Cover

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