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  • I have signed the contract, what should I expect?
    Once the licensing department has made all the necessary formalities, you should be introduced to a member of the Content department who will be responsible for putting your games onto Antstream. All IPs on the contract will go through the process of a technical assessment and what assets are required before moving forward. Games are scheduled as part of our content calendar about 3 months in advance. At this point, it will go through a process we like to call Ingestion.

  • What is Ingestion and how long does it take?
    Ingestion is the process of putting the game onto Antstream and making sure it passes all the necessary quality assurances before being released to the public. This includes adding the meta-data provided, any art assets that need repurposing, and writing up a copy of the game’s description, instructions & trivia. Our QA department will also test the game on the most common devices our players would use.
    Ingestion can take 1-3 months depending on any issues we may come across.

  • How games are released?
    The first game would usually be released in the first 3 months and we will continue to add games to our content calendar throughout the next 8 months.
    We are currently looking for a way to provide a live release schedule to all partners, in the meantime, please contact the Content department for more information.

  • Adding high scores & custom controls
    During the ingestion process, we would add our own high-score system which will be visible to everyone on the Antstream. Only games that include a scoring system will have a leaderboard. Certain games with multiple game modes will not have a high score leaderboard but instead will have challenges that would take advantage of the different game modes.
    Sometimes we would have to adjust the controls of a game to fit the default standards found throughout all Antstream games.

  • My game is on Antstream. How do I view them on Antstream?
    You can view your games on Antstream by downloading the client from our Download page and logging in. You will need to register first to access Antstream. Registering is free and should provide full access to all games without a paid subscription. Please contact the Content department for any inquiries.

  • The games are on Antstream but what happens next?
    Antstream will monitor the game’s performance and will generate reports based on this data. Games will be further supported by the development of challenges. Challenges will help further promote the game either through Giant Slayer or through Tournaments. Antstream may also promote a game through the main page with the use of featured banners. 

  • What is a “challenge” and how does it work?
    Challenges are unique objectives separate from the overall game and allow further replayability when users complete the game. Challenges may contain certain changes to enhance the gameplay which is done internally by our own developers. This may include disabling buttons or giving the user unlimited lives. The additional engineering is usually overlaid and deciding where the challenge should start and end. We do not add any additional sprites or content which is not in the original game. Challenges are the foundation of our tournaments and taking part would reward players gems, EXP, medals and bragging rights on our leaderboards.

  • I wish to receive monthly reports of my games
    We can provide a summary of how well your games are doing on Antstream. Please contact the Content department for any inquiries about reporting.

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