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What We Need From You


Game Package

Antstream would like to ensure the version our users are playing is the official copy approved by the licensing holders. We, therefore, prefer to receive the ROM or game files through official channels before we dive into our extensive library of achieved ROMs. In doing so, we can verify any copyrights or trademarks within the game are certified by the licensor and are up-to-date.


Anstream uses the most common emulators to stream all games, we, therefore, wish for the ROM to be packaged as a standard file format that can run on most emulators. Files can be shared by any preferred method, this can be through a shared link or by sending it directly by email.


If possible, knowing which emulator(s) the game has been developed or tested on will also be very helpful and could speed up any development time.


For games constructed using modern gaming tools, we also request any technical information including toolkits, chipsets, or cores used in the development or running of the game. 


Please contact our Content department if you have any technical inquiries or wish to provide us with additional assets.


Visual Assets

Visual representation is key in helping to promote the best IPs on Antstream. Our artists can create magic as long as they have some art assets to work with.


We would very much appreciate it if art covers, leaflets, screenshots, pixel sprites, and additional assets can be provided. Any art assets will be used on Antstream’s main product as well as any socials & marketing materials used to promote the games and Antstream itself.


The highest quality as a png/jpeg or SVG image is recommended. Original files where assets are broken down into layers would also help with resizing assets to our standard templates. Original files could come as PSD or ai files or any common extension used in the creative industries. If the game’s logo is displayed on the game cover, it would be preferable to have this as a separate file or layer.


Previously released games may have a different art cover depending on the platform it was originally released.  We would be happy to feature all art covers whenever possible.


On each game page, we like to include the name of the studio developer or publisher. If you have a preference or a particular logo you wish us to use, please let this be known and provide any high-resolution images whenever possible.


Please also include any style guides you wish us to follow. We may contact you by email if there are any issues.


In circumstances where a game has no art cover or the developing studio does not have a studio logo, our talented art team will design a temporary placeholder to be used on the Antstream client. Feel free to ask us for the illustration files or provide us with a replacement when ready.


Meta-data & Miscellaneous

For us to publish the most accurate information about an IP, we would like the following information:

  • Release date of the game

  • Genre of game

  • Platform(s) was released on

  • Any age restrictions

  • Contact information if the game is handled by other departments i.e. marketing


Any documentation on control schemes, how-to-play instruction manual, or facts on how the game was made (to be used on the game’s trivia page) would be much appreciated. We are aware some details cannot be provided and will use our own initiative to fill in the gaps. 


Copyright and trademarks can be added to each game page as long as style guidelines are provided. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee updated copyrights would be displayed within the game unless the game package is supplied to us.

Thank you for making the choice to join Antstream, we are delighted to have you on board and are excited to take the first step in putting your games onto Antstream - the biggest retro games streaming service available. We wish for the transition to Antstream to be as smooth as possible. To do so, we require a few key components.

Game Package
Visual Assets
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