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New On Antstream Arcade This Week

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Over the next few weeks, each Friday will see a bunch of new games drop into Antstream Arcade. So if you’re still on the fence about signing up, or simply looking for fresh challenges, this is the place to start as we continue our weekly roundup of the latest titles you can play.


Here to prove the Sega Mega Drive wasn’t all about cute platform games and 2D shoot-‘em-ups is Accolade’s WarpSpeed, a 3D space adventure that gives you the chance to explore deep space, navigate lethal asteroid fields, aid remote space stations and destroy masses of enemy fighters. With seven individual battle scenarios and four campaigns, WarpSpeed is one of the deeper and more engrossing Mega Drive shooters, and one that finally lets owners of the Sega console experience something akin to the PC’s Wing Commander series.

Ant-Fact: Much of WarpSpeed’s lore is informed by Star Trek, such as its quadrants and space stations as well, of course, as its faster-than-light technology and title.

Ant-Tactic: Don’t forget amid the shooting action to keep an eye on that fuel gauge. Warping long distances uses up fuel quickly.

Gadget Twins

Meet Bop and Bump, two cute planes on a mission to retrieve the King’s Magic Gem, stolen by their fellow rotund aircraft, the pesky Thump. Bop and Bump’s journey takes them across several enemy-laden lands; fortunately, they possess a useful punch, the direction of which can be shifted depending on the location of the opponent. Land a successful blow and there’s a gold coin ready for collection, and these can be spent on a selection of power ups at the shops scattered around each level. Colourful, vibrant and quaint, Gadget Twins is a polished game with more than a tinge of Alex Kidd about it.

Ant-Fact: Gadget Twins is part of a genre known as cute-‘em-ups – shooting games with a bright and friendly style, such as Super Fantasy Zone.

Ant-Tactic: The twins’ initial weapon does a job, but has limited range. Upgrade to the boxing glove or, even better, the hammer as soon as you are able.

Battle Lane Vol. 5

Combining two shining examples of two differing genres has long been a method of creating an original video game, and the confusingly-named Battle Lane Vol. 5 (it’s actually the first and only game in the series) continues this practice. In this case, we have the legendary arcade run ‘n’ gunner Commando blended with a downward-scrolling racing game; think Spy Hunter, with a motorbike, and with additional on-foot sections. It’s a fast game, and there’s not much room on this crowded, dangerous freeway, but there are thrills and shooting action aplenty for arcade freaks to enjoy.

Ant-Fact: According to the manual from US distributor Romstar, the recommended tools and supplies for assembly of the coin op machine include an ‘enthusiastic attitude’, ‘common sense’ and ‘a good night’s sleep’. Oh, and a screwdriver.

Ant-Tactic: Pick up and preserve the bazookas – they are essential for when things get hectic and you need to eliminate enemies quickly.

Steg The Slug

There aren’t many games that let you control a mollusc, but here is one as the star of his very own game. Steg’s task is straightforward: as a responsible parent, he must feed his children, known in-game as ‘T’yungunz’. At the top of each screen sit the baying offspring; to fill their little bellies Steg must capture maggots within bubbles created by his own sticky spit. Having trapped the food, it has to be then guided back to the nest by Steg who can climb walls and ceilings as any self-respecting slug can. Devices such as jetpacks and mechanical legs can also assist our squishy hero in ensuring the little fellows at the top of the screen don’t starve. Codemasters’ Steg The Slug is a sweet and viscous mix of platform and puzzle action in the vein of games such as Dizzy and the Seymour series.

Ant-Fact: The latter Dizzy games, the Seymour games and Steg The Slug were all developed by Big Red Software, and published by Codemasters.

Ant-Tactic: Despite its comic tone and characters, you’ll actually need to apply a lot of thought and pre-planning to each level in order to feed Steg’s clamouring brood.

Also new to Antstream Arcade this week

But that’s not all! Also debuting on Antstream Arcade this week is the Spectrum game Yeti, a chilly run ‘n’ gunner in the mould of Hewson’s Exolon; Globulus, a wonderfully vivid isometric game with puzzle elements; the vigilante-themed Fallen Angel, which sees you trawling through grotty subways punching and kicking punks; and Spectrum game Gunfighter, following a similar theme to Fallen Angel, only set in the Wild West.

Tune in next week for another selection of new games on Antstream Arcade, and if you haven't subscribed yet, head here to do so right away!

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