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New On Antstream Arcade This Week

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Over the next few weeks, each Friday will see another batch of awesome games drop into Antstream Arcade. So if you’re thinking about signing up, or looking for a fresh challenge, this is the place to start as we continue our weekly roundup of the new titles you can play.

Armalyte – C64

There’s a treat for Commodore 64 and shoot-‘em-up freaks this week with Thalamus’ Armalyte, one of the best shooters available on the computer, and now on Antstream Arcade. This sequel to the equally-revered Delta ramps up the difficulty and introduces a well-designed two-player cooperative mode (Multiplayer support for C64 games on Antstream Arcade will be coming soon!). Superb, beautiful graphics and finely-balanced gameplay complete a fantastic package that should be checked out immediately.

Ant-Fact: Armalyte deservedly won the best graphics accolade at the 1989 Golden Joystick Awards.

Ant-Tactic: Press and hold fire for a couple of seconds to let loose your craft’s powerful super weapon.

Strike Force Cobra - Spectrum

This week we have another exciting isometric Spectrum game in the form of Strike Force Cobra. Some of the world’s biggest boffins have been kidnapped and are working on a dastardly plan to hijack various nuclear weapon systems. It’s up to you to guide the titular team of commandos into the enemy base, but before the mission commences, you must select the four members of the team from a squad of eight, with each person possessing an in-depth profile to help you make the decision. Once chosen, it’s off to the enemy’s fortress to rescue the scientists, each of whom will reveal a segment of the vital code that opens the door to the main computer. Although armed with sub-machine guns and boasting athletic builds, the Strike Force Cobra is on its toughest mission yet – can you help them save the world from total nuclear destruction?

Ant-Fact: All of the game’s commandos had their portraits digitized from prominent games journalists of the time, including Crash magazine’s John Minson and Your Sinclair editor Teresa Maughan.

Ant-Tactic: Some doors can be kicked down, while others are locked by control panels or released by stepping on pressure pads.

The Humans III: Evolution – Lost In Time

There’s some quality platform puzzle action fresh to Antstream Arcade this week with this second Humans sequel, subtitled Evolution – Lost In Time. Seven important figures from human history have been abducted by greedy alien zoo keepers, and it is up to you to guide your team of homo sapiens and recover the parts of a time machine that can then help you return the famous characters to their rightful place in time. If you’re a fan of cute platform games along the lines of Lemmings, you should make The Humans III your first stop this week!

Ant-Fact: Team members include famous figures such as Robin Hood, Confucius and Merlin, each with their own special ability.

Ant-Tactic: Learning your way around the game’s simple user interface is a good idea to help get started.

The Immortal

This classy Amiga and Sega Mega Drive isometric game originated on the Apple IIGS, was created by Will Harvey and published by Electronic Arts. It begins at the top of a slimy dungeon and with a case of mistaken identity. Assuming the player to be his aide, Dunric, a wizard named Mordamir informs you he is trapped deep below in the labyrinth, and seeks your help. Naturally, a range of meanies such as goblins and trolls stand in your way, although there are numerous helpful spells and items that can be picked up. The Immortal is a fun and accessible role-playing game, available on both the Commodore Amiga and Sega Mega Drive.

Ant-Fact: Will Harvey created two other games for Electronic Arts, Zany Golf and a Commodore 64 port of Marble Madness. His biggest success, however, was musical tool Music Construction Set.

Ant-Tactic: Outside the first room lies the body of a fighter called Erek. Make sure you search it as it holds Dunric’s Ring and a fireball spell.

Reckless Rufus

Silly Rufus. The bell-shaped critter has stowed away aboard a mining ship and been caught trying to pilfer sweets from for the journey. Banished to the planet Killey, Rufus needs to collect rare crystals in order to prove his worth and get back home to Earth. Unfortunately, the planet is infested with belligerent aliens and lethal traps, making this no easy task. A colourful puzzle game that was well-received back in the Eighties, helping Rufus is a tough, yet enjoyable task.

Ant-Fact: Reckless Rufus’ creator, Mike Berry, still codes today. Check out his site for more information.

Ant-Tactic: The most direct path is not always the best – look before you leap!

Also new to Antstream Arcade this week

There’s more quality 16-bit action this week in the form of tactical platform game Onslaught, complete with spooky soundtrack and violent gameplay, while Cavemania is a cuter, 8-bit platform game set in prehistoric times. Fans of Jeff Minter will be pleased to see the Yak’s Voidrunner take its bow, and for puzzle addicts there’s High Steel, a novel tower-building game from the late Eighties. Finally for this week, we have another platformer in the gothic Vampire’s Empire, a game well worth sticking your neck out for (groan).

Until next week, keep gaming friends!

Tune in next week for another selection of new games on Antstream, and if you haven't subscribed yet, head here to do so right away!

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