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Antstream Arcade quick Guide.

It proved to be a stonking end of year here at Antstream Arcade with hundreds of fresh subscribers flocking to our vault of retro loveliness. If you’re one of these brave new Ant-heroes and are finding it all a bit overwhelming, then have no fear – here are eight nuggets of info to help you have even more fun on Antstream Arcade. Below you’ll find tips for navigation, challenges, searching for games and more, so what are you waiting for? Get online, and get sampling those retro treats!

Know Your Profile

This is your own personal space on Antstream Arcade and will help you in working out a few things. Here you can do boring stuff such as update your contact details, or pick a swizzy new avatar. Also featured on your profile page is your own tournament history (including placing), completed challenges and the most recent games you’ve played on Antstream Arcade. And for the completists among you, there’s a handy counter that keeps track of how many of the hundreds of games on Antstream that you’ve played.

Search by Year and more

Antstream Arcade’s search function is continually being streamlined by the boffins at HQ, and the latest version is our most flexible, allowing users to search by a range of criteria. Was 1985 the year you got a Commodore 64 and experienced all those wonderful games? Then type it into the search bar and get those Eighties 8-bit legends queued up! You can even search by a particular software house or genre.

Challenge A Friend…or Foe

Challenges are one of the cornerstones of Antstream Arcade – but did you know that in addition to taking on a challenge solo, you can also fire an ultimatum to another Antstream Arcade user? Simply pick a game and the desired challenge and then select your opponent from the subsequent lists. May the best Antstreamer win!

Save Games

It’s 2021 – there’s no need to leave that game on pause overnight! With Antstream Arcade, we have a shiny 21st century save game facility, and you can use up to four slots in order to save your progress. Don’t leave Miner Willy hanging all day like you did back in 1984 – save your game and crack on when you’re ready to play again. Press escape (or start) to bring up the in-game Antstream Arcade menu, click save and select your slot.

Podium steal notifications

Well done - you’ve got onto the high score leader board of that arcade game you loved when you were a kid. You’ve earned it, and the adulation of your fellow Antstreamers is assured. But what happens if someone bests your score? Don’t worry – we’ll make sure you know about it with a Podium Steal notification, so you can get straight to winning that spot back!

Favourite Games

There are hundreds of games on Antstream Arcade, but while we all love discovering new retro gems, everybody has a set of nostalgic favourites from back in the day. Want to make sure you can always find these? Next to the ‘Play’ button on a game’s info page is a star – click on it at the game will be added to your favourites folder, accessible from the profile page.

Favourite People

It’s not just games you can favourite on Antstream Arcade – you can also follow other users, thus adding them to a valiant band of competitors under the social section of your profile page. Know someone you want to add? Search for their name in the same way you would a game, and click on their profile. To the top right of the avatar is a star – select it and you have a new person to follow and challenge. Check out the social section of your profile to see who’s following you.

Worldwide and Friend High Scores

Retro gaming is all about the score attack, and with Antstream Arcade’s global high score table, you can track your gaming prowess against fellow subscribers from across the world. For a more localised table, check out the ‘Following’ tab which will succinctly show how you are doing against people you follow.

Finally, if you require any help from our awesome Antstream Customer Support Team, email:

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