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Antstream Arcade: The Lockdown Legends

Are your four walls closing in? Do you feel trapped? Does lockdown feel like purgatory? It may be the best for all of us to stay home and stay safe, but that’s sometimes a slim comfort when you’re going stir crazy. So grab a cup of tea and settle down to read about the Antstream Arcade Lockdown Legends. Think you’ve got it bad? Well it’s nothing compared to what these confined characters in these classic games have got to put up with!

Lock ‘n’ Chase

Lockdown Location: Bank

This cheeky larrikin is happily relieving the bank of its piles of cash when the long arm of the law finally tracks him down. Can you elude Stiffy, Smarty, Scaredy and Silly as the walls of the bank close in on the venerable villain?

The Great Escape

Lockdown Location: WW2 Prison Camp

Another day dawns – time to wake up! Roll call, breakfast, exercise, dinner, exercise, bed, repeat, day after day. Living as a prisoner of war within this German camp is a grim existence with the only relief an occasional Red Cross parcel. Will it contain – gasp – a bar of chocolate?

Devon Aire In The Hidden Diamond Caper

Lockdown Location: Mansion

There are a lot of worse places to be imprisoned than an ornate mansion, right? Wrong! When this light-fingered crook infiltrates the late Mr. Crutcher’s stately home, he gets more than he bargained for thanks to a bizarre array of monsters and traps. And all the windows and doors are suddenly, mysteriously, locked…

Impossible Mission

Lockdown Location: Underground Complex

Every evil mastermind has a secret underground lair, and Special Agent 4125 is ensnared in the labyrinthine depths of Professor Elvin Atombender’s base. It may look homely with its bookcases and standing lamps – but with killer robots lurking everywhere, this is no place to get caught admiring the furniture. Stay awhile…stay forever!


Lockdown Location: Rubbish Dump

Hello Jake Stalin, and welcome to not-so-sunny Souzel! Here, massive garbage spaceships dump their rotten loads, leaving you to clean up the resulting mess. Framed for a crime you didn’t commit, there’s not a lot of fun on this barren planet and little chance of escaping, either. Now get shovelling that trash, at least you’re out in the open – albeit rather smelly – air!

Henry’s House

Lockdown Location: House

Forget deadly mansions and underground lairs – poor Henry is captive in a familiar location, his own house! Before he can leave home to do his weekly shopping, Henry must clear up all the mess he’s made, and there are numerous strange things in his way. Somebody has got extremely big feet…

Luna Atac

Lockdown Location: Space Station

Your home in this game is a tranquil space station, thousands of miles away from the hustle and bustle of planet Earth. But when aliens invade with their deadly robots, this suspended metal construction becomes a living nightmare. Can you find the shuttle and escape?

Bogey Manor

Lockdown Location: Manor

No, it’s not an ill-named golf resort – this archaic building is home to all manner (groan – Ed) of ghosties, and you’re caught in there with them. Fortunately, the creepy critters can be frozen with your magic glove, but only once all those peculiar crystal balls are smashed can you even think about escaping.


Lockdown Location: Palace

This is no ordinary house – this is Buckingham Palace! Here you will find all the royals, and as a lowly menial servant, it’s your job to satisfy their every whim, no matter how daft. There are 775 rooms in this gargantuan abode, and you’re stuck there until you’ve completed all your tasks. Think looking after the kids is hard work? Try tracking down errant freckles and supervising rampant corgis!


Lockdown Location: Your Own Mind

Now here’s a frightening place to get trapped: inside your own mind! Zombies, ghosts and other assorted ghoulies have been summoned and all mean to keep you forever in this surreal world. Dare you surrender to the darkest dream of all?

So, maybe it’s not so bad, eh? Challenge yourself to check out all these lockdown legends and more retro games on the Antstream Arcade!

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