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Antstream Arcade Tournaments: Making Retro Gaming Even Better

Since the concept of streaming retro games first appeared in the minds of Antstream Arcade’s creators, the ability to play against fellow gamers in world-wide tournaments has been at the forefront of the service. With our most recent tournament, Ghost Pilots, proving a breakout smash, and more competitions incoming, here are seven reasons why Antstream Arcade’s special tournaments are making great retro gaming even better!

How They Work

First, let’s have a quick look at how they work. Every month there will be several tournaments, and each one focuses on a specific challenge within a popular game. This can vary depending on the game, but expect to have your reflexes and retro gaming skills tested to the max. Entering a tournament costs a small amount of gems, and this is then added to the overall competition pot – the more people that enter, the bigger the prizes!

Participants can keep track of the scores on Antstream Arcade, see who else is playing and how much they need to improve in order to get up the tournament leaderboard. So why are the Antstream Arcade tournaments proving such a smash? Let’s find out!

Points Make Prizes

On the most immediately obvious level, playing the Antstream Arcade tournaments will give you a chance of netting a truck-load of those valuable gems. Sometimes there's even more up for grabs, from monthly or annual subscriptions to physical prizes. Keep an eye out on our social media channels to see what's available and when!

Discovering New Games

The tournaments are always promoted in the banner across the top of Antstream Arcade, making them easy to discover and enter. While the games are generally well-known retro gems, it’s quite possible to uncover something new and exciting to play.

New Ways To Play Games

Even if the game concerned is an old standard, focusing each tournament around a specific challenge gets you playing in a different way. For example, in the recent Ghost Pilots tournament, there was no room for itchy trigger fingers as the task was to shoot as many enemies as possible without missing once – trickier than it sounds!

Healthy Competition

Antstream Arcade always has – and always will be – about community and great classic gaming experiences. With a streaming service, there’s no need to play alone, and the constantly-updated tournament standings show you who you have to beat in order to climb up the table. Just a few more points and you could make the top ten…

Challenge Yourself

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong in settling down to a familiar old classic, swanning around the screen with ease and dispatching the bad guys almost before they appear, it’s important to stretch out your gaming experience every now and then. Now you can widen those boundaries – and take part in an Antstream Arcade tournament challenge at the same time.

Improve Your Skills

Playing games in a different way can improve your knowledge of enemy patterns and the various tricks needed to survive. With these skills often transferable across games, you could soon find yourself rising up the high score tables.

Make New Friends

Have you ever had that fuzzy feeling when you are enjoying a movie on TV knowing that thousands of others are doing exactly the same? With Antstream Arcade’s tournaments, you can take part in a global contest, testing yourself against a retro classic while a host of our fellow hive members do exactly the same. We’re all in this together!

[image] crystal castles participants

So far, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Crystal Castles, Bomb Jack and Ghost Pilots have all featured in an Antstream Arcade tournament battle, with SNK’s Spinmaster up next. Sign up now to Antstream Arcade to experience this unique retro gaming extravaganza – let’s play!

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