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Antstream Game of the Month: Tempest (1981)

Welcome Antstreamers, to another installment of “Game of the Month”. This time, we're delving into the archives to revisit a true arcade classic that not only left an indelible mark on gaming history but also pushed the boundaries of what was possible in the early '80s. It's time to journey into the neon-lit, vector-graphic world of "Tempest".

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The Birth of a Classic

In the golden era of arcade gaming, where pixelated sprites ruled supreme, Atari dared to be different. In 1981, they unleashed "Tempest", a game that stood out not only for its unique gameplay but also for its cutting-edge vector graphics. Developed by Dave Theurer, the genius behind "Missile Command", "Tempest" was a depa

Tempest screenshot 01

rture from the norm.

Gameplay that Defied Convention

"Tempest" was unlike anything gamers had seen before. Players controlled a spaceship known as the "Blaster" that moved around the edges of geometric shapes, firing into the depths of a 3D tunnel. Your objective? Clear each level of enemy threats while avoiding collision with them. The gameplay was as intense as it was challenging, and it demanded precision, quick reflexes, and a keen sense of spatial awareness.

Striking Visuals

Upon entering the world of "Tempest", players were greeted by a visual spectacle that defied the conventions of arcade gaming in 1981. Instead of traditional pixel art, "Tempest" employed vector graphics, which delivered a striking and futuristic visual experience. The game's 3D tunnel environment, created with crisp lines and vibrant colors, transported players into a world that felt distinctly ahead of its time. The geometric shapes and vivid, pulsating enemies seemed to leap from the screen, adding to the game's intensity and immersion. "Tempest" wasn't just a game; it was a visual marvel that left an enduring impression on anyone who stepped up to the arcade cabinet.

The Pulse-Pounding Music

One of the standout features of "Tempest" was its unforgettable soundtrack. The game's pulsating, electronic music perfectly complemented the frenetic pace of the gameplay, immersing players in an audiovisual experience that was truly ahead of its time. The iconic "hyperspace" sound effect became synonymous with arcade gaming itself.

Tempest screenshot 02
Influence and Legacy

"Tempest" didn't just make waves in the arcades; it left a lasting legacy in the gaming industry. Its innovative gameplay mechanics influenced countless arcade and home console games that followed. The concept of navigating a 3D space and fending off enemies would go on to inspire titles like "Geometry Wars" and even modern virtual reality experiences.

Final Thoughts

"Tempest" dared to be different and succeeded brilliantly. Its innovative gameplay, mind-bending visuals, and pulse-pounding music created an unforgettable gaming experience that continues to captivate players to this day. If you haven't had the chance to experience the excitement of "Tempest," there's no time like the present to give it a try.

So, grab your Blaster and prepare for a journey through the electronic mazes of "Tempest". It's a game that reminds us that even in the early days of gaming, innovation and creativity knew no bounds. "Tempest" truly deserves its place in the pantheon of gaming classics.

Until next time, gamers, keep chasing high scores and exploring the worlds of gaming's past, present, and future. "Tempest" awaits your next adventure!

Tempest Trivia
Tempest boxart
  • Tempest was one of the first arcade games to feature 3D graphics. Its unique design allowed players to move around a three-dimensional space which was groundbreaking at the time.

  • The game's iconic soundtrack was composed by Al Alcorn, the co-founder of a company called Electric Dreams. This connection to Electric Dreams would later become relevant, as they went on to publish the popular video game "Maniac Mansion."

  • The arcade cabinet's control panel was designed to resemble the ship's control panel in the game. It featured a rotary knob for aiming and a fire button for shooting. This layout added to the game's immersive experience.

  • The distinctive sound effect used when the player activated the "hyperspace" feature became so iconic that it was later used in other Atari games like "Asteroids Deluxe" and "Space Duel."

  • Atari marketed "Tempest" with the tagline "The Most Important Thing Since Space Invaders." While it may not have reached the same level of mainstream recognition as "Space Invaders," it certainly left an indelible mark on the gaming world.

Whether you're a veteran gamer who fondly remembers "Tempest" from the arcades or a newcomer eager to experience its retro charm, remember you can discuss your experience of this game in the Antstream official Discord channel.
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