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Breakout & Kung-Fu Master Join The Antstream Library

Updated: Jun 20

Brick breaking and side-scrolling martial arts action are on the cards for retro game fans this week.

This week, Antstream players can enjoy Breakout (Atari 2600), the game that launched a million bricks at walls, and fight for love in the side-scrolling beat ‘em up Kung-Fu Master (Arcade). Also, players can give the “Life, Duty and Honour” challenge a try in First Samurai (SNES).

Breakout was developed way back in 1976 and was though to be inspired by the original Pong game. The simple, yet maddeningly difficult, concept of bouncing a ball at a brick wall has been seen over and over in the years since, but for Breakout on Atari 2600 players will be going back to the start. With increasing ball speed and the paddle getting smaller, breaking through to the back wall is a challenge for only the bravest retro gamer.

Kung-Fu Master was originally released to arcades in 1984. In this side-scrolling beat ‘em up, the player takes on the role of Thomas, fighting his way through the Devil’s Temple to save his girlfriend Sylvia from crime boss Mr. X. With inspiration from both Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies, the game switches to more of a one on one fighting game for each of the five boss battles. Kung-Fu Master was an incredible commercial success and led the way for many games since.

Breakout and Kung-Fu Master are only the latest new titles added to the extensive Antstream library, so check out the service and find your next obsession.

We’ll see you next week with more great titles to play anytime, anywhere.

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