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Games To Cheer You Up on Antstream Arcade

During this difficult time, there’s one important thing that we can do to cheer ourselves up – play video games! And with Antstream Arcade's streaming service, there are hundreds of games ready for you to explore. With all of us feeling a little less than overjoyed at the moment, we proudly present a timely selection of our cheeriest titles that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Game on!

Bubble Bobble – Taito

We've already highlighted this wonderful bubble-shooting arcade game in our Taito new games specials, but as it’s such a fantastic retro game, we feel it’s worth mentioning again and again! Playing as one of the cute dragons, Bub and Bob, each level of Bubble Bobble is a cascade of bubble popping fun, and whether alone, or with a friend, it’s a joyous experience complemented by its famous chirpy tune.

Joyful Road – SNK

While many driving games involve shooting or ramming opponents off the road, this meandering saunter from SNK feels more like a pleasant Sunday drive than a dangerous high-speed chase. Known as Munch Mobile outside of Japan, the player’s vehicle possesses huge extending arms that can grab yummy fruit and valuable fuel from the side of the road. Make sure your elongated arm doesn’t get hit by a tree or trashcan though!

Peter Pepper’s Ice Cream Factory – Data East

Having escaped the fiery confines of the fast food restaurant in BurgerTime, Chef Pepper has opened up his own ice cream parlour – only those pesky ingredients are at it again, hounding him throughout his restaurant! Fortunately Peter can kick ice cream scoops, completing the cones and taking out enemies at the same time. Let’s hope the food hygiene standards people don’t pop round!

Sensible Soccer – Sensible Software/Codemasters

If, like us, you’re desperately missing the beautiful game at the moment, then this classic football video game spectacular from the Nineties is a must. Lacking any of the finger-twisting and mind-numbing intricacies of modern soccer simulations, Sensible Soccer is pure jump-in-and-play, and a manic recreation of the sport which will soon have you forgetting that Match Of The Day isn’t quite the same these days.

Spinmaster – Data East

We’ve waxed lyrical about this frantic Data East game before – but it’s so good, we don’t need an excuse to revisit the dashing adventures of Johnny and Tom. Armed with powerful yo-yos, this pair can also perform a range of athletic moves against the pantheon of enemies, all bound up in a colourful, imaginative and charming world. Get spinning!

Rod-Land – Jaleco

Most probably inspired by the success of Taito’s smash hit, Bubble Bobble, this Jaleco arcade game from 1990 is just as amiable in both storyline, concept and art. Playing another pair of heroes, two fairies named Tam and Rit, the player grabs monsters with their magic rod before smashing them into oblivion. Can you help them rescue their dear mother?

Metal Slug X – SNK

Despite the copious violence, all the Metal Slug games are presented in such an exuberant style that it’s impossible not to be amused by the antics of Marco Rossi and his cohorts. Considered by many to be the best of the series, Metal Slug X contains more ridiculous power-ups, outlandish weapons and absurd enemies. Crack out that heavy machine gun and start smiling!

Fantasy World Dizzy - Codemasters

Oh no! Dizzy’s girlfriend, Daisy, has been kidnapped by the King Troll and our ovular hero has been sent to a grimy dungeon. This third Dizzy adventure is one of the best, with its vibrant and varied fantasy world offering up numerous inventive challenges for everyone’s favourite anthropomorphic egg.

Butasan – Jaleco

This porcine adventure is a firm favourite in the Antstream Arcade offices thanks to its madcap bomb-throwing antics that can’t fail to have you grinning at the bizarre nature of its gameplay. Littered around each screen are numbered explosives – chuck them at your rival pigs and watch the screen get swathed in crispy bacon! Smokin’!

Still not smiling enough? Why not try mimicking that beaming dino Rex in the Mega Drive platform game Radical Rex? Or smash bubbles in the cute ‘n’ colourful puzzler, Puzzle Uo Poko, from Cave? Whatever your mood, there’s plenty to be happy about with classic games on Antstream Arcade!

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