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New challenges on Antstream!

One of the most popular aspects of Antstream Arcade is its challenges, each one embedded deep within the most popular and diverse games available. These strenuous trials are designed to test every retro gaming sinew and nerve, and here are some of the latest challenges available. Think you’ve got what it takes to become an Antstream Arcade gamer legend? Then take on one of these bad boys solo, or even better – challenge a friend!

Game: Motos

Challenge: Brute Swatter

Description: “Bounce off the bugs as many times as you can in 2 minutes!”

The crazy ramming arcade game Motos has five banging challenges, and this is our new favourite. Taking place on an awkward, angular level, four pesky bugs are looking to ram the player off the grid and into the abyss. Knock ‘em back as many times as you can but lose a life and the challenge is over!

Game: Elevator Action

Challenge: Stuck In The Shaft

Description: “You’re stuck in the elevator and the lights are out! Shoot as many enemies as you can before you get hit.”

Another one-level challenge, and this time you play a special agent, trapped within a house laden with enemies – and somebody’s turned off the lights! Descend the elevator and shoot as many opponents as you can but take one hit and the challenge is complete.

Game: Uo Poko

Challenge: In Deep Water

Description: “It’s level 30 and the tank is overflowing but the hourglass is disabled. Clear the level with the highest score possible!”

This charming bubble-flinging game is trickier than it looks, but in this high-score challenge, the aim is simply to clear the level with the best score possible. Completing the level is easy – can you get a table-topping total in the process?

Game: Gekirindan

Challenge: I Will Survive

Description: “How many seconds can you survive until you eventually destroy the boss?”

Welcome to bullet hell! In this challenge, you are up against a massive alien boss, spitting bullets and fire constantly in your direction. Survive as long as you can, but beware: each time you lose a life, valuable seconds are deducted.

Game: Motos

Challenge: Cracking Up

Description: “Crack and break as many tiles on the board as you can before you’re knocked out.”

The scene is stage 11 in Namco’s Motos and up against the player are four spheres and two enemy ships. But ignore them: the objective is to jump and crack as many tiles as possible before getting knocked off the board. A crack yields one point, a broken tile three. Get leaping!

Game: Dragon Blaze

Challenge: Root Of All Evil

Description: “Riding a dragon of water through the seas and skies, get the highest score possible while avoiding falling coins.”

It’s shoot-‘em-up time again with this chaotic challenge. Sitting astride a proud dragon, the aim here is to collect as high a score as possible while avoiding the glittering gold and silver coins that descend down the screen when an enemy is destroyed. Not as easy as it sounds!

Game: Volfied

Challenge: Screen Scramble

Description: “You have unlimited lives, how fast can you fill the screen while avoiding enemies?”

Screen Scramble is a time-attack challenge based in round two of the fantastic arcade game Volfied. With an infinite set of lives behind you, how quickly can you clear the screen of the dangerous opponents that bounce around?

Game: BurgerTime

Challenge: Invincible Tower Burger

Description: “You’re invincible! Complete the tower burgers to get as many points as possible – pepper enemies to trap them in the burgers for extra points.”

For once Peter Pepper is safe inside his wild kitchen – those devious ingredients will have no effect on our brave chef in this challenge. Instead, Pepper must knock down those incredibly tower burgers and accrue as many points as possible in the process. Let’s get cookin’!

Game: Rygar

Challenge: Survival Of The Greenest

Description: “Weapons have been upgraded, but skill will determine your survival. How long can you survive?”

Welcome to level 27 of Rygar, a lush green corridor of pain and glory! Our legendary hero has his lethal diskarmor to eliminate enemies – but how long can he survive the relentless assault of deadly monkeys, rhinos and all other manner of mythical creatures?

Game: Dragon Blaze

Challenge: God Of Thunder

Description: “You have 1 life. Fly your thunder dragon to victory and earn the highest score possible!”

We conclude with a classic one-life challenge, God Of Thunder. Astride the powerful Dragon once more, how far can you progress without losing one single life?

Challenge accepted! Challenge accepted!

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