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New To Antstream This Week: Alien Rampage & BurgerTime

Become an alien seeking revenge in Alien Rampage, or build burgers and avoid hot dogs, pickles and eggs in BurgerTime.

Two new titles come to the Antstream library this week. Retro gamers can spend their time fighting through large levels in the action packed Alien Rampage (DOS), or craft massive burgers while dodging pesky ingredients in the classic BurgerTime (NES).

Alien Rampage is a 2D horizontal platformer shooter released on DOS back in 1996 by Inner Circle Creations. Heavy on gore and mindless action, the player takes on the role of an alien who is out for revenge against bloodthirsty mutants after their spaceship crashes. Climb, fight and solve puzzles through more than twenty large levels of action, equipping a variety of ultra-lethal weapons against more than 30 different types of adversary. Exciting action and clever puzzles, Alien Rampage is not one to miss.

Originally released to the arcades in 1982, and launched as Hamburger in Japan, BurgerTime came to multiple platforms in the coming years. The game revolves around Peter Pepper, a chef charged with moving around a single screen level, made up of platforms and ladders, and constructing hamburgers, while avoiding enemy foods.

Walk across one of the giant burger ingredients, such as the patty or lettuce, and see the ingredient drop to the bottom of the screen. Each level is finished once the burgers have been completed. Enemy foods, hot dog, pickle and egg, can be crushed by the falling burger ingredients, and Peter can stun these enemies with his cloud of pepper. The game features six increasingly difficult levels for players to enjoy.

This week’s challenge is called A Force To Reckon With and takes place in Gun Force (Arcade), for those who want to test their skills.

We’ll see you again next week, with more games to play anytime, anywhere.

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