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Super Six: Data East

Originating in Tokyo in the mid-Seventies, Data East quickly grew to become one of the most renowned and respected coin-op videogame machine manufacturers. Its games have graced arcades all over the world, have been converted to a plethora of home computers and consoles, and now many of them are available to stream in their original form here on Antstream Arcade. Join us as we pick out our favourite super six games from Data East.

Super BurgerTime

While the original BurgerTime game may be nostalgically the best-remembered, we’ve plumped for this food-tastic sequel for the first of our Data East Super Six. The Pepper clan is back, this time with twins Peter Jr and Pete Jr (the Pepper family is obviously not big on names). There’s another madcap kitchen for them to work their way around – eggs, sausages and more are on the rampage and must be avoided or stopped with pepper spray and various kitchen implements. Fortunately, Pepper’s sons are nimble fellows and can now jump cleanly over platforms and food. Hop onto those buns and get cooking in this fantastic sequel to the classic BurgerTime!

Sly Spy

Oh… Sly! We’ve waxed lyrical about this James Bond-inspired spy caper before, and now it forms an heroic part of our Data East Super Six. The Council for World Domination has brazenly attacked the president and first lady and there’s only one person we can depend on: Sly Spy! And what better way to start this thrilling adventure than by jumping out of an aeroplane, descending swiftly to the city below as the henchmen of the CWD surround and attack Sly. There’s no let up once he reaches the ground as Sly Spy shoots and jumps his way across Washington DC, occasionally popping onto his super-charged motorbike or bright red sports car. Got a hankering for a bit of not-so-undercover spy action? Then this Data East game is for you.

Boogie Wings

It’s horizontal shoot-‘em-up time now as we take to the skies with Data East’s brilliant Boogie Wings, another firm favourite at Antstream Arcade. Set around the turbulent World War I period, the player can shoot or hook enemies while piloting their lithe biplane throughout the many crazy levels that make up this epic shooter. There are power-ups galore, and vehicles dragged with the plane’s hook can damage more opponents in a neat addition to the game’s offensive mechanics. Got shot down? No worries with Boogie Wings – the carnage continues, on foot! And there’s always the Antstream Arcade challenges, including Hook, Line and Sinker – how long can you survive without firing?


Spinmaster is another game we’ve featured before – we can’t help it, we just love great games, and at Data East, great games are in their blood. Released in 1993 into European arcades, the players control Johnny and Tom, two yo-yo wielding kids off in pursuit of the kidnapped Mary (Johnny’s girlfriend) and the pieces of a sacred treasure map. In their way stands Dr. De Playne and his many henchmen, whose devious plan is to buy up every toy in the world, plunging every child into a grim repetition of homework and chores. Better pick up that yo-yo and get spinning!

Bad Dudes Vs Dragonninja

It’s back to the Eighties now for our latest Data East super six game. As with most genres, the side-scrolling brawler is well-represented on Antstream Arcade and this is one of the finest. As with Sly Spy, the game begins in Washington DC with the president captured by the infamous DragonNinja. With the streets infested by DragonNinja’s hoodlums the two bad dudes, Striker and Blade are called into action to clear up the city. Skilled at the brutal art of punching and kicking, you and a friend can take control of these muscled fellas and attempt to liberate the president of the USA. There are also five tough challenges for Bad Dudes on Antstream Arcade including our favourite, Boss Crush – how many bosses can you take out before time expires?

Dark Seal

This fantasy extravaganza draws from classic RPGs and Atari’s famous multi-player arcade game, Gauntlet. Presented in an isometric viewpoint, there’s a choice of four characters before the battle begins. Carl is a well-armed knight, slow but powerful, while ninja Kirikaze can dot around the dungeons, hurling shuriken at enemies. Riger is a bard, who sings the horrible denizens to death with his elastic spetum, while the lone female, a wizard called Freya, shoots fiery death from her fingertips. Dark Seal, despite its bonus features is a pure dungeon romp at heart, and a hugely enjoyable action RPG. On Antstream Arcade, we also have five rock-hard challenges for Dark Seal – for example, how any treasure chests can you open without losing a life?


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