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Take Part in The Commonwealth Games On Antstream Arcade

Today marks the start of the 22nd Commonwealth Games tournament in Birmingham.

Often known as the Friendly Games, this international multi-sport event involves athletes

from all over the Commonwealth Of Nations. With thousands of competitors, over 15

different sports and hundreds of events, the Commonwealth Games is a true celebration of

human endeavour and achievement. On Antstream Arcade, we have a wide range of

videogames that encompass many of the events of this sporting festival. So join us as we

head to the virtual stadium and select 12 events from Antstream Arcade that will feature in

the Commonwealth Games over the coming few days. Are you ready? Get set – go!

Event: Basketball

3x3 basketball is an action-packed and frantic version of the sport and replaces the 5x5

format of the 2006 and 2018 games. 

On Antstream Arcade: Arch Rivals (Arcade)

While it’s 2x2 rather than 3x3, the Midway arcade game Arch Rivals perfectly replicates this

quick and exciting cut-down version of basketball.

Event: Beach Volleyball

Teams of two men or women will compete in beach volleyball this year, playing the best of

three sets and trying not to get sand between their toes.

On Antstream Arcade: US Championship V-Ball (Arcade)

This Technos simulation pitches beach bums George and Michael into a nationwide

tournament. Control the pair as they fight for the multi-million dollar cash prize.

Event: Boxing

The noble sport of boxing is featuring once more in the Commonwealth Games. Both men

and women will be competing across a variety of weight divisions.

On Antstream Arcade: Boxing (Atari 2600)

Published by Activision a mere 42 years ago, this Atari 2600 game presents an overhead

view of the ring as two boxers slug it out.

Event: Cycling – Mountain Bike

Plummeting down steep hills and taking on gruelling ascents, there are few events as

challenging as cross-country mountain bike cycling.

On Antstream Arcade: Pro Mountain Bike Simulator (C64)

Take on the computer or a friend in Alternative Software’s demanding simulation of an

obstacle-littered mountain bike course.

Event: Hammer Throw

As part of a quartet of throwing events (along with shot, discus and javelin), the exciting

hammer throw tests both an athlete’s strength and agility.

On Antstream Arcade: Hammer Throw – The Games (C64)

The hammer throw is one of many excellent events in Epyx’s The Games. Compete for a

gold medal, and be careful not to wrap it around your neck!

Event: Hurdles

This event tests athletes to the limit as they charge around the track as quickly as possible

while leaping over the rectangular hurdles.

It’s a change of perspective as the player sits behind their athletic avatar in the Mega Drive

game Summer Challenge. The timing of the jumps is critical.

Event: Javelin

We’ll get to the point: this is one of the most popular events in the Commonwealth Games

as athletes strain every sinew to hurl their sleek spears as far as possible.

On Antstream Arcade: Javelin – Summer Challenge (Mega Drive)

As with hurdles, the player views their sporting star from behind as they attempt to get on

the podium with a mammoth javelin throw.

Event: Judo

There’s so much to the ancient martial art of judo: balance, discipline, focus, and leverage

are all key elements that the competitors will need to triumph.

Promoted and authorised by British judoka Brian Jacks, Uchi Mata is an accurate simulation

that features most of the moves from the sport.

Event: Pole Vault

The pole vault is another dramatic field event where athletes propel themselves to

incredible heights.

On Antstream Arcade: Pole Vault – Summer Challenge (Mega Drive)

The third of our Summer Challenge events on the Sega Mega Drive, skill, timing and power

are all necessary skills here.

Event: Rings

This male-only event requires extraordinary upper body strength from its competitors as

they perform incredible mid-air acrobatics.

Both men and women can attempt to master the rings in this event from Epyx’s classic

multi-sport simulation, The Games.

Event: Uneven Bars

Only women compete in the uneven bars, performing spectacular routines on the fibreglass

bars that are sometimes positioned as high as 2.5 metres off the ground.

Try your hand at a complex sequence in the uneven bars event from Epyx’s The Games. The

more elaborate, the better the score!

Event: Wrestling

Bring on the power! Freestyle wrestling features in this year’s Commonwealth Games as a

range of weight classifications compete in a physical challenge of strength and skill.

It may be a touch more theatrical, yet Epyx’s Championship Wrestling contains all this

popular sport's thrills and power moves.

There’s plenty more sporting fun to be had on Antstream Arcade – play for free, today!

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