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Celebrate Valentine's Day With Antstream Arcade's Top Ten Retro Games to Play

Here at Antstream Arcade, we love community, and when it comes to gaming, nothing is better than a touch of cooperative – or competitive – multiplayer. There's also nothing more romantic than an evening of gaming while you and your loved one try out a selection of retro gaming classics courtesy of Antstream Arcade. Read on as we recommend our ten favourite games to play with your partner on Valentine’s Day this year.

Retro gaming company Antstream Arcade celebrates Valentine's Day with ten recommended games to play with your partner.
Valentine's Day Card by Antstream Arcade

Metal Slug 2

The original Metal Slug laid down the template for action-packed mayhem. SNK's sequel ramps up the craziness to extreme levels, pitching its heroes, the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force, against a new and hostile alien force. Take control of Metal Slug OG Marco Rossi or a newcomer such as the exuberant Fio Germi and blast the alien scum – together!

Ant-ernative: Metal Slug X

In-game capture of retro classic Metal Slug 2 by SNK. Available on Antstream Arcade


We recently welcomed this two-player bat-and-ball Atari game to Antstream Arcade, and it's already proven to be an incredibly popular addition. Gaming concepts don't come much more straightforward than in Pong: your opponent hits the ball with their bat, and you hit it back with yours until someone misses! It may not sound like much, but trust us: once those rallies get going, the tension in Pong goes through the roof. 

Ant-ernative: Space War

In-game capture of retro classic Pong by Atari. Available on Antstream Arcade

Fatal Fury

For competitive multiplayer spirit, there's no genre as constant as the one-on-one beat-'em-up. We have a host of fighting retro games on Antstream Arcade, of which SNK's Fatal Fury is possibly the finest. Choose your characters and face off against each other to find out who's the King Of Fighters in your relationship!

Ant-ernative: Way Of The Exploding Fist

Fatal Fury, known as Garō Densetsu in Japan, is a fighting game series developed by SNK for the Neo Geo system.

Maniac Mansion

Multiplayer can take another, less physical form – one player playing, the other offering tips and help. Arcade adventures such as LucasArts' Maniac Mansion are perfect for this concept as player one moves the characters around, leaning on player two when there's a puzzle they can't solve or a clue they've missed.

Ant-ernative: The Secret Of Monkey Island

Maniac Mansion is a 1987 graphic adventure video game developed and published by Lucasfilm Games.

Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja

This cooperative retro game transports its players back to the prehistoric era as the eponymous troglodytes seek to rescue their loves from a rival tribe. The best way to defeat an army of dinosaurs and enemy Neanderthals is to work together in picking up health bonuses and weapons. Only then will you stand a chance of reuniting Joe and Mac with their girls. A perfect love story for Valentine’s Day.

Ant-ernative: Zombies Ate My Neighbours

Joe & Mac, also known as Caveman Ninja and Caveman Ninja: Joe & Mac, is a 1991 run and gun platform game released for arcades by Data East. It was later adapted for the Super NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Amiga, Zeebo, Nintendo Switch, PC and Antstream Arcade

Bubble Bobble

Talking of kidnapped girlfriends, our next game is another co-op affair, this time starring two cute dragons. Former humans Bubby and Bobby have been transformed into the scaly, bubble-blowing beasts by a wicked wizard. Can you team up with your other half and guide the pair through the 100 enemy-laden levels that stand between them and their loves?

Ant-ernative: Butasan

Bubble Bobble is a 1986 platform game developed and published by Taito for arcades. Available to play on Antstream Arcade

Dark Seal

Known as Gate Of Doom in some regions, Dark Seal is a solid retro dungeon crawler in the spirit of Atari's legendary Gauntlet. Choose from two of four characters – knight, wizard, ninja or bard – but choose carefully, as each has specific advantages and disadvantages. Then, combat monsters and collect treasure in this unremitting medieval battle!

Ant-ernative: Ikari Warriors

Dark Seal is a isometric role-playing beat-'em-up video games released for arcade by Data East. Now available on Antstream Arcade

EDF: Earth Defense Force

The Azyma Empire, without warning, has attacked the Earth. Humanity's only hope lies in its XA-1 and XA-2 space fighters. As both you and your partner jump into these prototype star ships, the enemy flagship, the Orbital Satellite Buster, appears in the distance. With teamwork and blasting prowess, you might just have a chance of repelling the despicable Azyma and saving the Earth!

Ant-ernative: Ghost Pilots

Earth Defense Force, known in Japan as Chikyū Bōeigun, is a series of third-person shooter video games. Now available on Antstream Arcade


The marvel of Team 17's Worms series begins here, with the first game from 1995. In this turn-based strategy game, two players each commands a squad of worms, both grimly determined to annihilate the other. Using bazookas, machine guns, grenades and more lethal ordnance, war has never been so entertaining – and vicious!

Ant-ernative: The Chaos Engine

Worms is a series of artillery tactical video games developed by British company Team17. Now available on Antstream Arcade

Football Champ

Finally, some sports action with the Taito arcade game, Football Champ. Big, colourful sprites are the order of the day in this action-packed soccer game with eight national teams. Are you struggling to best your partner? Football Champ allows you to employ casual violence on the other players, free from punishment. Well, as long as the ref's not looking!

Ant-ernative: Kick Off 2

Football Champ is an arcade-style football video game produced by Team Dogyan developers in Japan, and originally released in the arcades by Taito.

Thank you for reading our guide to the best games to play with your partner this Valentine’s Day. If you're in need of someone to play with, or would like to be part of our community, head to our Discord channel at

Until next time, keep on gaming and happy Valentine's!

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