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Thailand: Antstream Arcade on True OTT

Antstream Arcade has announced a strategic partnership with True Digital Group, the digital arm of Thailand’s fully-integrated telecommunications and digital service provider, True Corporation. The partnership will enable users of True’s OTT Box, including True ID TV Box and True Inno Hybrid Plus Box, to access Antstream Arcade’s constantly expanding library of retro video games, and seamlessly stream classic video games to their TVs.

Over 1.8 million TrueID TV and True Inno Hybrid Plus TV boxes were sold in Thailand as of third quarter of 2020, making the platforms one of the largest Android TV box providers in the country.

Starting mid-January 2021, TrueID TV and True Inno Hybrid Plus TV box customers will be able to access Antstream’s retro classic video games including newly available games like the Star Wars Arcade trilogy. They will also be able to switch between popular retro classics from Space Invaders and Asteroids, all the way up to Worms and Mortal Kombat, providing players with both new ways to enjoy iconic games in addition to access to exciting new gaming tournaments, challenges and bespoke events.

Steve Cottam, CEO of Antstream, said: “We’re massively excited to announce our partnership with True. Giving its millions of customers the chance to play through our platform is a huge step for us in our mission to make retro gaming more accessible to everyone. With global audiences’ pivot to streaming continuing apace, now is the perfect time to expand what that shift means beyond TV and film, and prove that cloud-based gaming is a critical part of the future of streaming content. With over a thousand classic games to choose from across 40 years of gaming history, we’re confident that everyone can find something they will enjoy just in time for Christmas.”

Marco Guida, Chief Revenue Officer of True Digital Group, added: “We are delighted to be launching Antstream Arcade with its thousands of games and unique challenges to our TrueID TV box and True Inno Hybrid Plus box users. As audiences in Thailand continue to use streaming as the main way to consume content, we want to provide them with the best value and the best experience – expanding our own streaming offering by integrating Antstream’s cloud-based gaming is the perfect way to do that. We look forward to working with Antstream Arcade and are very excited about what the future may hold.”

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