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The 7 Deadly Challenges of Pac Man

It’s a well-known fact that everybody loves Pac Man. And on Antstream Arcade, not only do we have the officially-licensed original game ready to stream – there’s also a glorious septet of challenges to test your dot-munching skills on. Think you’ve got the edge on Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde? Well, think again, with Antstream Arcade’s Seven Deadly Challenges of Pac Man!

One Chance Pac Man

In the first Antstream Arcade Pac Man challenge, the aim is simple: survive for as long as possible on one life, munching as many of those dots as you can before one of devious spooks catches up with you. Starting on the first level, it should be possible to rack up a considerable score, but you’ll need all your ghost-dodging talents to hand if a top-ten placing is in your sights. And remember: get caught, and the challenge is OVER!

Ghost Free Diet

How about the one-life challenge – with a twist? Ghost Free Diet has the same basic rule as One

Chance Pac Man in that the aim is to obtain as many points as possible before losing a life. But

there’s one tiny, little discrepancy this time – the power pills are disabled, leaving our little yellow

friend totally at the mercy of his ghostly enemies! Run, run and run some more in the Antstream

Arcade Ghost Free Diet Pac Man challenge!

Hunt Or Be Hunted

Here’s an unusual challenge to test your Pac-skills with. Now, a full roster of three lives are available, and one ghost in turn will be at the mercy of Pac Man, while its pals continue to hunt down the circular hero. Munch the vulnerable ghost and another soon turns hunted, but beware: those power pills again have no effect in this challenge.

Hide And Seek

If there’s one thing most games of Pac Man have in common, it’s eating dots! This is Pac Man with a difference, however, as the Antstream Arcade Hide And Seek Pac Man challenge is all about avoiding the pixelated treats. But don’t panic – the majority of the dots are removed and with just six remaining, it should be easy to avoid them, right? Maybe not, especially as you’ll have some high- level spooks chasing after you!

Galaxian Quest

Those supreme Pac-experts among you will be familiar with the Galaxian level of the game – gone

are those juicy fruit bonuses, replaced with the colourful flying enemy from another famous Namco arcade game. Nabbing the Galaxian icon will net you an imperious 2000 points, but this advanced level is merciless, with the ghosts susceptible for mere nano-seconds after Pac Man gobbles a power pill.

Power Pellet Conundrum

Power Pellet Conundrum is a time attack challenge. It’s level three, and a full maze awaits Pac Man, but there’s a rather cheeky secret to this daring trial: eat one of those extra-large power pills, and the Pac-controls are reversed! Eat another and it’s back to normal, but can you survive in the meantime with left meaning right and up meaning down?

Key To Pac Man’s Heart

The final of the Antstream Arcade Pac Man challenges is the ultimate test, only for those Pac-fans

brave enough to take on the trickiest and most demanding of the famous arcade game’s levels. The ghosts hound Pac even more relentlessly, and forget about those power pills, which will have no effect at all! The challenge? To merely complete this seriously arduous level as quickly as possible without losing a life. Good luck – you’re going to need it!

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