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The Antstream Arcade Lockdown Legends – Part 2!

In Lockdown Legends, we highlighted several of those brave characters trapped inside various Antstream Arcade games. From the WW2 captives of The Great Escape to the inescapable prison of your own mind in Frightmare, these were ten stir-crazy protagonists that you could help through their own personal lockdown story.

But for Lockdown Legends Part 2, we want to help you! And the best way we can do that at Antstream Arcade is to introduce you to some of those games that will keep you occupied the most throughout these dark and boring weeks. So get the takeaway and pub on speed dial, and settle down to one of the Lockdown Legends that can occupy you the longest during November!

Canon: Legend Of The New Gods – Chuanpu, 1996

We have plenty of time-sink role-playing games on Antstream Arcade, and this magical adventure from Chuanpu and Piko Interactive is one of the finest. Originally released in Taiwan back in the early nineties, Canon follows the adventures of Lin Yun and his team as they attempt to overthrow the possessed Emperor’s wife. With over 30 hours of gameplay, this evocative RPG is a perfect game for killing some time during lockdown.

Gods – Bitmap Brothers, 1991

It’s time for some platform action now with the Bitmap Brothers’ Gods, a beautiful 16-bit scrolling adventure from 1991. Playing the legendary hero, Hercules, there’s a huge citadel to be explored, stuffed with lethal enemies that have invaded this godly place. With its puzzles and weapon upgrades – available via an end-of-level trader – this labour of Hercules should keep you busy throughout the month.

Chip’s Challenge – Epyx, 1991

This tile-based puzzler is likely to keep you intrigued for ages as you try and figure out how to escape each of its byzantine 148 levels. The object is to collect enough chips to open the chip socket that guards every level, and there are plenty of hazards to negotiate. You’ll need to dodge enemies, cleverly manipulate blocks and move carefully if you’re to get anywhere in Chip’s Challenge.

Myth History In The Making – System 3, 1989

This System 3 arcade adventure from the late Eighties comes in three different flavours on Antstream Arcade, and each is a different experience. Both the Commodore 64 original and ZX Spectrum game feature a hero from the Eighties, transported back in time to battle the evil demon, Dameron. The former is a fast-paced game, as it scrolls throughout each enemy-laden level, while the Spectrum version introduces a more sedate, yet just as compelling flick-screen gameplay. Finally, Myth History In The Making on the Commodore Amiga contains a completely new protagonist in the brawny warrior Ankalagan, although his mission is still the same. With three varied and challenging adventures, Myth is a trip through time well worth taking!

Super Cars & Supers Cars II – Gremlin, 1990 & 1991

Here’s a brace of racing titles for gaming petrol heads. Aesthetically similar to the arcade classic,

Super Sprint, in Super Cars you compete in a variety of races against computer-controlled cars.

Winning a race incurs a cash bonus, which can then be used to buy upgrades for your vehicle. With

its mass of tracks and three cars to choose from, there’s enough diversity to keep you racing – and if you get bored, there’s always Super Cars II!

Footballer Of The Year – Gremlin, 1986

While Gremlin’s Footballer Of The Year has plenty of thrills in its arcade goal section, there’s a whole lot more to this footie simulation. Taking on the career of just one sole player, there are many seasons of game time to explore as you try and take your player to the top division and international glory! Can you create a superstar footballer by the end of lockdown?

The Very Big Cave Adventure – CRL, 1986

There are adventures, and then there are, as the name suggests, very big cave adventures! Created by the mysterious adventure game specialists, St. Brides, The Very Big Cave Adventure is a mirthsome spoof of its famous forebear, Colossal Cave Adventure. As with many text adventures, there are plenty of locations to visit, puzzles to solve and a complex input scheme to combat. And with the spoofing antics of The Very Big Cave Adventure, plenty of laughs too!

Cadaver – Bitmap Brothers, 1990

Karadoc the Dwarf loves his gold, and is hoping to pick up as much of the shiny stuff as possible

while exploring the murky Castle Wulf. Entering the castle via its grimy sewers, Karadoc has five

levels to explore, culminating in a showdown with the evil necromancer, Dianos. And if you fancy

exploring this world further, we also have expansion pack Cadaver: The Payoff on Antstream Arcade. You’re welcome!

Mega Lo Mania – Codemasters/Sensible Software – 1991

Developed by Sensible Software, Mega Lo Mania is one of the first real-time strategy games, pitching the player against up to three opposing Gods in a battle to the death. This is achieved by deploying men, constructing buildings and manufacturing weapons, but beware: the enemy are doing exactly the same, only YOU are the target! Fast-paced, yet deep and involving, Mega Lo Mania is the perfect lockdown game for aspiring supernatural beings.

Exile – Telenet, 1988

This Mega Drive game is a remake of Telenet’s Japanese-only XZR II, and focuses on a character

called Sadler who is attempting the small task of uniting the world in peace. In the time-honoured

fashion, this involves assembling a party and vanquishing foes in combat, and with its massive map

to explore, there’s a plethora of violent battles to experience before peace can finally come to this


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