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The latest games on Antstream.

It’s been a fantastic start to the year here at Antstream HQ with several brand new classic games recently added. From arcade classics to 8-bit legends and new 16-bit games, there’s plenty more joystick-fresh content to explore, ready to stream right now on Antstream Arcade – for free! Join us as we highlight a marvellous alliance of six fresh and shiny retro games. What are you waiting for? Go game!

Arch Rivals

It’s basketball brawling time! In this frantic and fiery simulation of the sport of basketball, the player is free to slyly punch their opponent in order to steal the ball. Of course, the ultimate aim remains shooting the ball through the opponent’s basket hoop, but that’s just a part of the fun! With on-court hazards such as spilled soda cans and sweet wrappers also common, this cartoon comedy sports game is sure to bring a giggle to Antstream Arcade gamers.

Ant-Fact: Along with a selection of other videogame characters, the player Tyrone from Arch Rivals appeared in the Acclaim-sponsored cartoon, The Power Team.

Ant-Tactic: Each character has their own particular standout skill. For example, Lewis is great at shooting, while Tyrone is an excellent defender. Choose wisely!

Ant-ernative: For more sports-related violence, it’s hard to look past the 16-bit classics, Speedball and Speedball II.


If the phrase “Wizard shot the food!” brings back painful memories, you probably played this Atari multiplayer classic back in the Eighties. First released into arcades in 1985, the original coin-op cabinet to Gauntlet is an impressive sight, housing as it does the capability for up to four players to venture into its deadly dungeons. Set within a series of top-down mazes, the task is crystal clear: stay alive for as long as possible! Against the players are a range of monsters from fire-spitting demons to invisible sorcerers. Handily, there’s life-giving food, potions and treasure lying around, but be careful – some food and potions can be shot accidentally! With four characters to choose from and a treasure chest of rivalry inevitable, Gauntlet is a true classic of arcades. Play it on Antstream Arcade, and bring a friend!

Ant-Fact: Gauntlet’s designer, Ed Logg, was inspired by table top RPG Dungeons & Dragons and dungeon crawl games such as Atari’s Dandy.

Ant-Tactic: The enemies spawn from their relevant generators. Until you destroy the generator, they will keep on coming…

Ant-ernative: For more multiplayer fantasy dungeon fun, you should definitely venture into Data East’s Dark Seal.


We continue the arcade classics on Antstream Arcade with this top-down shooter from Williams, originally released in 1983 and containing one of the genre’s most memorable bosses. The eponymous Sinistar is under construction with enemy worker craft busy ferreting crystals to help complete the evil-looking space villain. Piloting a small yet powerful spaceship, the player also collects crystals from destroyed planetoids and converts them to Sinibombs, the powerful explosives needed to destroy Sinistar. With the dramatic voiceover from Sinistar itself – including such belittling statements as ‘Run, coward!’ – Sinistar is a terrifying force and one of the greatest twitch shooters ever created.

Ant-Fact: The original Sinistar cabinet came in stand-up and sit-down flavours, with the latter featuring stereo sound.

Ant-Tactic: All the enemy craft are faster than the player so don’t bother trying to out run them – either shoot them down or manoeuvre away.

Ant-ernative: Fancy controlling a triangular space craft in slightly calmer space? Then try the all-time legend that is Asteroids, also on Antstream Arcade.

Golden Wing

We stay with the space adventure premise and venture onto the Commodore Amiga for our next new game. Released in 2018 by developer CopperSky, Golden Wing is an unashamed clone of the arcade classic Asteroids – but if you’re going to pay homage, you might as well pay homage to the best! Piloting the titular spacecraft, the player is soon beset by massive lumps of rock and pesky aliens, and there are some useful power ups to collect as well. Smooth, beautiful and great fun to play, Golden Wing also removes the momentum that plagues similar games, producing an even more playable experience.

Ant-Fact: At Spain’s Amiga-focused Capacitor Party in 2017, Golden Wing was awarded the coveted “Best Game” title.

Ant-Tactic: As with the classic upon which it is based, shooting wildly at the rocks is not recommended; you’ll soon have a screen full of smaller, but no less deadly, asteroids.

Ant-ernative: Why not jet back to where it all began with the original arcade game Asteroids?


With the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 versions of this slash-‘em-up already nestling inside Antstream Arcade, this month we welcome Commodore Amiga Barbarian to the fray. All the dynamic sword action that made Barbarian such a legend of the fighting genre is present, along with improved 16-bit graphics and sound. And just like back in the day, you can take on a friend in a battle to the death. Off with his head!

Ant-Fact: Barbarian was notorious back in the Eighties for its promotional campaign, featuring Michael Van Wyk, aka Wolf from Gladiators.

Ant-Tactic: A good strategy is to roll into an opponent, forcing them to the edge of the screen before letting fly with your sword.

Ant-ernative: For more celebrated beat-‘em-up action, take on Melbourne House’s Way Of The Exploding Fist on Antstream Arcade.


Finally for this month’s new game round-up we travel back to the wild west. Inspired by Midway’s Gun Fight / Boot Hill arcade games, Outlaw simulates an old west duel as the player combats a series of varmints that are pestering their town. Originally released in arcades by Atari, Antstream Arcade is proud to host the Atari 2600 home port of this coin-op classic.

Ant-Fact: Outlaw was the first released game developed for the Atari 2600 by David Crane, the man behind famous videogames such as Pitfall!, Ghostbusters and Little Computer People.

Ant-Tactic: Shooting against a wall creates a helpful and deadly ricochet, useful for when going on the attack while dodging enemy fire.

Ant-ernative: For more one-on-one player action, try fellow Atari 2600 game Boxing. No guns, just lethal fists.


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