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The Legends of Antstream Arcade

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

There’s a pile of the very best retro games available on the Antstream Arcade – but behind each and every brilliant video game is an equally-brilliant developer or developers. So this week we present a carefully-curated selection of the amazing talents behind some of the finest games available to stream right now – on Antstream Arcade!

Andrew Braybrook

When it comes to the Commodore 64, Andrew is the most well-known and well-loved of all its games programmers. From humble beginnings converting Spectrum games to the Dragon 32 computer, Andrew coded a massively important and iconic set of games for the C64, most of which are available on Antstream Arcade.

Ant-essential: For the authentic Braybrook experience, check out his masterpiece of game design, Paradroid.

Matt Furniss

Legendary tunesmith Matt began his career at British developer Domark, creating several astonishing video games soundtracks for the Commodore Amiga, before going on to take a starring role in many Krisalis and Bitmap Brothers games. An oft-underrated segment of video game production, Matt is one of the finest sound engineers around, and we are honoured to have several of his games available on Antstream Arcade.

Ant-essential: Matt’s jaunty addictive music to Zool is the perfect accompaniment to this fast-paced 16-bit game.

Jon Hare

This multi-talented co-founder of the famous Sensible Software has a hand in an elite cadre of retro gaming goodness on Antstream Arcade. From the brilliant footie arcade game Sensible Soccer to the comic war-is-hell spoof Cannon Fodder, there’s plenty of thoroughly level-headed yet anarchic fun to be had with Mr. Hare’s impressive roster of games.

Ant-essential: 1987’s wonderful Wizball, a great retro treat all about bringing the colour back into the world.

Jeff Minter

This ruminant-loving legend is the creator of several Commodore 64 classics in particular, all of which are available for retro fans to enjoy on the Antstream Arcade. Where else can you get to play flying sheep or take on dastardly mutant camels? Psychedelic, more than a little odd and immensely fun, there’s a whole history of Minter madness waiting for you on Antstream.

Ant-essential: Take on the alien invaders in Llamatron 2112 playing – of course! – a laser-spitting Llama.

William Tang

While he may be primarily known for the ZX Spectrum’s famous Horace games, William also had a hand in several other 8-bit classics including beat-‘em-up Way Of The Exploding Fist and Mugsy’s Revenge, both also available on Antstream Arcade.

Ant-essential: Horace Goes Skiing is an essential Speccy game that combines Frogger with a neat skiing simulation. Mind that ambulance!

Michitaka Tsurata

This Tecmo developer only has two games on Antstream Arcade – but what a fantastic pair of retro gems! Star as caped bomb-disposal expert Bomb Jack, clearing each colourful screen of deadly explosives, or Dana, a wizard who has the power to create blocks from thin air.

Ant-essential: A tough choice, but Solomon’s Key is an underappreciated retro arcade game that’s worth discovering.

Raffaele Cecco

There can be few ZX Spectrum coders as revered as the supremely gifted Raffaele Cecco. Raf began coding in the mid-Eighties, producing many incredible games for British publisher Hewson. Elegant flip-screen shoot-‘em-ups Cybernoid and Cybernoid 2 are highlights, as is the fantasy series, Stormlord.

Ant-essential: His first game for Hewson, Exolon, is an impossibly-colourful run ‘n’ gunner that showed what the ZX Spectrum in particular was capable of, in the right hands!

Shaun Southern

From his first simple, yet playable efforts for budget publisher Mastertronic, Shaun forged a reputation for quality games on the Commodore 64. Working for Gremlin, Shaun worked in a wide range of genres, although his fondness for motorised vehicles often led to great driving games such as Gremlin’s Super Scramble Simulator and the Super Cars series.

Ant-essential: Created while he worked at developer Mr. Chip, Shaun’s Trailblazer is a speedy and breath-taking journey across the cosmic causeway.

So what are you waiting for? Download Antstream Arcade now to dive into these legendary developers' fantastic creations! We'll see you on the leaderboards!

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