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The Streaming Stars Of Antstream Arcade

There’s no doubt that streaming is a great way to catch up with video games both old and new and we’ve teamed up with a number of popular streamers to bring you regular Antstream Arcade broadcasts.

This week we proudly present a selection of some of our favourite Twitch Streamers and affiliates, those cool people who are regularly having fun on Antstream Arcade. Check out their live streams or catch up with their YouTube Videos!

Here's everything you need to know!


Blue And Queenie

Simon Blue and Row Queenie, a gaming royalty couple from the UK. The pair pride themselves on providing no-nonsense, fun and highly interactive streams, and have been busy creating videos on Twitch since March 2015.

They are also big fans of Antstream Arcade, and can be found online every day (except Sunday) from 3pm.


Trista Bytes

Bex has only recently joined the Antstream Arcade ranks but is already a well-known streamer and YouTuber. As a full-on fan of not only retro video games but also comic books, movies and all things sci-fi, there’s plenty to geek out on on the Trista Bytes channel.

Check out Bex’s Twitch about page for a timetable of her streaming times. You'll also find Trista sharing videos on her YouTube channel so make sure you check that out as well!



InDeeDee has a retro slot every other Sunday, with various slices from Antstream Arcade featuring heavily in recent weeks.

With her effervescent enthusiasm, InDeeDee has recently dipped into Cave shooters and old ZX Spectrum games, including an hilarious attempt at a Horace Goes Skiing challenge, as proposed by Antstream Arcade’s own BKLounge.

InDeeDee streams every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 5.30pm BST.



Eric hails from Wisconsin, USA, and is a fervent streamer of Antstream Arcade content. Online most Tuesdays at 8pm CET, this classic-gamer loves to discover and play retro games on Antstream, and can be regularly found fighting his way around retro computer classics and arcade games.

Eric regularly uploads videos to YouTube as well, including his challenge highlights where he and Foretfyre regularly tackle some of the challenges that Antstream Arcade has to offer.



Another friend from across the pond, and an active-duty airman for Uncle Sam, Fortefyre regularly features a video gaming show called Ready Go Gaming, there is also plenty of other great content to enjoy, including some deep-dive looks at Antstream Arcade. With his extensive background knowledge and impressive collection of consoles and video games, this is another streamer well worth catching up with.


Mean Machine Dean

Retro gamer Dean has a rich heritage in videogames having featured on the Sky One show Games World at the tender age of 9 years old, taking home the Eliminator Champions Jacket as a reward for

his gaming prowess.

Today, Dean mixes up the retro with recent games, such as Doom Eternal, VR titles such as Beat Saber, and, of course, plenty of classic gaming with Antstream Arcade.



With a fondness for all things retro and indie, Antstream Arcade is a natural home for this Twitch star, and with Richard juggling a day job with his streaming career, he can usually be found online after 8pm on weekdays.



This thirty-year old streamer from Manitoba, Canada, cites Phantasy Star Online as his favourite game of all time and is another popular Antstream Arcade Twitch partner.

A big fan of our arcade game challenges, in particular, there’s plenty of great retro content on the AerialSlayer channel.

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