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The Things We Do For Love

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

For most of us, going that extra mile for our love means a romantic evening at a restaurant or a surprise bunch of flowers, complete with an affectionate and adoring message.

On Antstream Arcade, there is a whole gang of lovebirds who will do whatever it takes to win the approval of their love, or save them from a fate worse than death – separation from their beloved partner. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we take a look at just some of the things that the paramours of Antstream Arcade will do for love…

1. Perform Dangerous Bike StuntsBack To Skool

While Eric’s ultimate mission is to return his errant report to the headmaster’s safe, his girlfriend Hayley provides a very pleasant distraction. But this girl’s not just a pretty face – she can also ease Eric’s lines workload for the simple price of a quick smooch. However, first there’s just the small matter of getting into the adjacent girl’s school, which is strictly off-limits for young Lotharios such as Eric. Fortunately, by performing a daring jump from off his bike, the young man can catapult over the fence and engage in an illicit rendezvous with his love. Now, about those lines…

2. Fight Your Own BrotherDouble Dragon

This classic arcade game stars martial arts experts the Lee brothers as they take to the streets to rescue a student from their Dojo, Marian. With the lovely lady captured by the fearsome Black Warriors gang, the pair encounter a pack of nasty scoundrels, before facing off against the gun-toting leader, Willy. There’s a sting in this tale, however; defeat Willy and the brothers must face off against each other in order to win the affection of the lovely Marian. May the best Lee win!

3. Travel Across TimeRenegade III

In this third chapter of the Renegade series, the hero’s girlfriend has unhelpfully been captured by villains from the future. Plunging into the Earth’s past, the Renegade follows, battling the denizens of each era that stand in his way. Mummies, medieval knights, cavemen and dinosaurs must all be defeated if this retro martial arts champion is to see his beloved again.

4. Locate Seven Gemstones Known as The Eyes Of The Rainbow Tarzan

Raised by apes in the jungle, it is the beautiful Lady Jane Greystoke who has captured Tarzan’s heart. Captured by Usanga, the chief of the Wamabo tribe, Lady Jane is due to be the main course for Sheeta The Panther unless the loincloth legend can retrieve the seven jewels from the dense jungle. Even for a man such as Tarzan, it will not be an easy task. Quicksand, angry tribesman and poisonous snakes all lay in wait for this king of the swingers.

5. Collect ChipsChip’s Challenge

Meet Chip. Chip is somewhat spellbound by the beautiful and brainy Melinda the Mental Marvel. In order to win Melinda’s respect and fondness, this bespectacled nerd has to navigate his way through a series of complex mazes, solving the arduous puzzles that litter each level. The aim is to collect enough chips in order to open the escape chip socket – locked doors, water traps and monsters lay in wait for this geeky hero!

6. Defeat Pirates, Cannibals and HelicoptersFantasy

At the start of this charming classic SNK arcade game from 1981, the hero’s girl is abducted by a ship of nasty pirates. Having jumped into his hot-air balloon (which is surprisingly manoeuvrable), he descends on to the pirates before springing his love. Only then, she’s carelessly kidnapped once more, by savage villagers and a mysterious bunch of helicopter villains. There’s a lot of work to be done to rescue this Cheri!

7. Conquer the Undead, Giant Spiders and the Grim Reaper ItselfPrince Clumsy

On the Antstream Arcade, the princess IS in the castle! But first, the valiant Prince Clumsy should cross the dangerous land, tackling ghosts, skeletons, vampires and more, including a scythe-wielding Grim Reaper who is lethal to the touch! Even when Clumsy locates the castle, there are a series of portcullis blocking his way, but the princess must be found – and freed!

8. Challenge Giant Dinosaurs and Man-Eating Plants in a Volcanic Prehistoric WorldJoe & Mac

Rival tribesmen have sneaked into Joe and Mac’s village and stolen their women. Across a valley of fire and ice lays the rival village with a host of obstacles and enemies between. Huge fire-spitting dinosaurs, enormous man-eating plants and swooping pterodactyls are just some of the critters that will stop at nothing to prevent these two cute cavemen ninja from reaching their girlfriends.

9. Scale Castle Battlements, Dodge Fireballs, Guards and ArrowsHunchback

Esmerelda, the object of Hunchback’s affection, has been imprisoned within the imposing castle, and the only way to reach her is by scaling the rooftops, a skill Quasimodo has fortuitously gained over the years. What he wasn’t counting on were the constant stream of guards, fireballs and arrows; but there’s nothing he won’t overcome to be reunited with the comely Esmerelda. Bring on the bells!

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Antstream Arcade!

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