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Videogame Tennis On Antstream Arcade: Fast, Funny, Fickle And Futuristic

As we rapidly approach Finals weekend at the famous Wimbledon Championship, tennis fever is

gripping fans worldwide. Can’t get enough of those forehand smashes and backhand volleys? Know your baseline from your tram line? At Antstream Arcade, we have an intriguing quartet of tennis-themed videogames, propelling the sport from the Eighties into outer space. Are you ready to unleash that ace and make it game, set and match?

RealSports Tennis

Atari 2600

Released: 1983

Following baseball, football, volleyball and soccer, the RealSports series turned to tennis in 1983. In single-player mode, the player takes control of the blue tennis star while the Atari 2600 deftly moves the red-coloured opponent. Players can move all around the court, running along the baseline or charging towards the net, racquet aloft. Now available for all Antstream Arcade users following a period of exclusivity on the new Atari console, RealSports Tennis is an accessible, fun, yet compelling take on the noble sport.

Ant-Tip From The Pro: there are three types of shot in RealSports Tennis: a regular shot (while

standing still), a fast shot (while moving towards the net) and a lob (while moving away from the

net). Use each at the right moment to secure the point and set.

Super Brat

ZX Spectrum

Released: 1985

American tennis player John McEnroe shot to fame in the Eighties, predominantly because of his

racquet skills but also for his explosive nature. Often found berating umpires, opponents and even

himself, it was always an exciting time when McEnroe was on the court. Of course, this Spectrum

game from 1985 has absolutely nothing to do with the tennis star. It’s the British Tennis Final, and

you’re up against Super Brat, the meanest, the quickest and most talented player of the tournament. Let’s get serious and turn the tables on this preening prima donna!

Ant-Tip From The Pro: the player directs their shot by either pressing fire quickly (left) or slowly

(right). But, remember, you still have to time it right. Otherwise, the ball flies into the net or out.

Paddle Mania


Released: 1988

This is tennis with a twist! Equipped with what appears to be a table tennis bat crossed with a tennis racquet, Paddle Mania is an entertaining and bizarre mix of tennis, air hockey and many other Olympic sports. From a synchronised swimming team to a sumo wrestler and surfer dudes, there’s an eclectic array of opponents in Paddle Mania, each with their own particular set of skills. Yet whoever the opponent is, the aim is to guide the ball into the gap behind them, either directly or via a wall. Can you best these nine weird and wonderful rivals and lift the Paddle Mania cup?

Ant-Tip From The Pro: most opponents can be knocked to the ground with a well-timed shot to the face. OUCH! Make sure you take advantage of this momentary lapse to score a point.

Room Ten

ZX Spectrum

Released: 1986

Tennis goes into the future now with this sci-fi interpretation of the sport, released by CRL in 1986 and coded by Pete Cooke. The object of Room Ten is to get the ball past the opponent, scoring five points in the process. If you manage to rack up 35 points, then victory is yours, but beware: they’re trying to do precisely the same! This space-age zero gravity simulation is a savvy blend of tennis, Pong and squash that’ll have you going totally batty!

Ant-Tip From The Pro: keep your wits about you if the ball strikes a side wall shortly before it arrives at your side of the arena. Adjusting to these angles is vital if you’re to succeed in reaching that magical score of 35.

That concludes this Antstream Arcade mixed double match, the perfect way to enjoy retro tennis

gaming instantly – and for free!

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