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Antstream Arcade: Fun Games To Play?

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

With hundreds of games available on the Antstream Arcade, there’s almost too much choice

for retro gamers to enjoy. So we’ve put together a helpful guide for anyone who’s

interested in signing up, or has just joined us, and is having trouble deciding what to play

first. Let the classic gaming begin!

"I used to love going to the arcades. What would remind me of wandering into those rooms full of beautiful and glowing arcade machines?"

You should play: Double Dragon

From Jaleco to SNK, Data East and Technos, we’ve got a host of brilliant arcade games

waiting for you on the Antstream Arcade. One of the most famous, and thrilling, is the gritty

tale of the Lee brothers, Jimmy and Billy, and their quest to rescue Billy’s girlfriend, Marian,

from a horde of street thugs and punks.

With both Double Dragon II and 3 also available, there’s plenty of martial arts action for fans

to sink their fists into.

Ant-ernative: Renegade, the spiritual forebear to Double Dragon, is also a good pick if you

enjoy the brawling action.

“HA! I eat videogames for breakfast! Give me something hard-core to get my teeth into,

something that would break your average gamer into a blubbering mess.”

You should play: The Next Space

There are many demanding shoot-‘em-ups available on Antstream Arcade, but few can rival

SNK’s The Next Space in terms of sheer hard-as-nails adversity. With nine different types of

alternate fire you’d think there’d be some respite; well, think again, because The Next Space

is a trip to a space war of extreme bullet hell. The best start to any day.

Ant-ernative: While perhaps not up to Next Space standards, Cybernoid II: The Revenge is

one of the more brutal Spectrum and Amiga shoot-‘em-ups available on Antstream Arcade.

“I used to love playing platform games back in the Eighties. What scratches that Miner Willy

itch on Antstream Arcade?”

You should play: Monty On The Run

There are a plethora of platforming gems from all eras on the Antstream Arcade. But for

that authentic Eighties jumping, collecting items and dodging experience, it’s hard to look

past Gremlin Graphic’s little furry rebel Monty Mole in the marvellous Monty On The Run.

You can play the Commodore 64 version of this classic, complete with its jaunty ditty, right


Ant-ernative: Try Dizzy, the first of the Oliver Twins and Codemasters’ famous egg-shaped

series of platform games.

“Ok, I’m a bit rusty – what’s easy to get into, and not too taxing?”

You should play: Dinosaur Detective Agency

Dinosaur Detective Agency is a gentle and winsome platform game that will help you get to

grips with the controls without being decimated a thousand times over by an alien horde.

Guide the dino sleuth, Sherloch, complete with camera and deerstalker, across various

colourful landscapes in order to apprehend several naughty reptilian criminals. Antstream

and chill.

Ant-ernative: Spectrum budget title Robot Rumpus is a great example of how a simple

design can still be instantly fun decades later.

“Horizontal shoot-‘em-ups are my jam. What have ya got?”

You should play: Prehistoric Isle in 1930

We heartily recommend Prehistoric Isle in 1930, a wonderful and weird shoot-‘em-up from

SNK that pitches the player against an army of dinosaurs and other mysterious critters.

This colourful and frenzied shooter also offers several challenges on Antstream Arcade

including Life Finds A Way – how long can you survive without actually firing? Stick that on

your toast.

Ant-ernative: P47: Phantom Fighter is a sprightly WW2-themed shoot-‘em-up that, while

lacking dinosaurs, is just as much fun as Prehistoric Isle.

“You can keep your fancy consoles and arcade games – I love a bit of strategy and depth.”

You should play: The Humans

Of course it’s not all shootin’ and tootin’ – there’s plenty of thought needed behind many of

the games on Antstream Arcade, and this comical Amiga game is one such example.

The aim is to achieve various stone-age related tasks by banging the noggins of your

primitive humans together to form a team capable of solving every puzzle thrown before

them. Whether it be discovering ancient weapons or hunting for food, the survival of the

human race is down to you! Disclaimer: some tootin’ may be required. Ew.

Ant-ernative: Rotate mirrors and solve devious puzzles in Deflektor, available on

Commodore Amiga and Spectrum.

“I always come to work with a Looney Tunes tie on. Are there any Antstream Arcade games

as bonkers as me?”

You should play: Butasan

It’s hard to look past Jaleco’s barmy pig and bomb throwing game Butasan here. As brisk as

it is whacky, Butasan is an arcade game that doesn’t care that there’s no reason why the

player’s pig is attempting to blow up his fellow porkers with the mass of bombs that have

been thoughtlessly strewn around each playing area.

Also known as Pigs And Bombers, which is the most efficiently self-explanatory title you’ll

hear for a while.

Ant-ernative: Surreal shooters don’t come much weirder than Jeff Minter’s Revenge Of The

Mutant Camels, available on Commodore 64.

“I want to go back in time and save the human race from a despotic demon, travelling

across eras such as Ancient Greece and Viking times, all without changing out of my trusty

blue jeans. Can you help me, Antstream Arcade?”

You should play: Myth: History In The Making

Well, that is a bit specific, but as it happens, yes we can, because you can play the epoch-

hopping Myth: History In The Making on Antstream Arcade right now. This Commodore 64

game from System 3 will soon have you taking on malicious skeletons and Medusa herself in

a battle throughout the ages. Enjoy, and keep rocking that denim.

Ant-ernative: No jeans, but plenty of time-travelling antics in Renegade III, available on the

C64 and ZX Spectrum.

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