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April Antstream Arcade New Games Update

It’s the new games mega blast! From arcade classics to 8-bit legends, these are the stars of

Antstream Arcade that have debuted on the platform so far this Spring. Want something super fresh to play on Antstream Arcade? This feature is the place to start!

R-Type – Arcade

Let’s kick things off with a biggie, this brilliant and relentlessly brutal shoot-‘em-up from Irem. The

first game in the legendary R-Type series, this is the game that popularised the novel and

entertaining power-ups. A powerful alien race, The Bydo, intends to wipe out humanity. The R-9a

Arrowhead is the lone saviour against this menace, and it's under your control. Inspired by the visually intricate works of H.R. Giger, R-Type offers a whole host of varied and deadly enemies.

Famed for its addictive gameplay welded to a steep difficulty curve, this is a genuine arcade shooting classic, now available to stream, for free, on Antstream Arcade! Blast off!

Ant-Fact: Two innovative weapons define R-Type: the formidable beam weapon and the power-up pod that acts as a mini guardian angel.

Ant-Tactic: Don’t forget to use the wave beam (by holding down fire) whenever things get hot. It can wipe out a bunch of weaker enemies, buying you some valuable time.

Ant-ernative: Try SNK’s Vanguard from six years earlier for more horizontally-scrolling sci-fi shooting.

Ice Slider Z – ZX Spectrum

Homebrew developer EgoTrip has converted their Amstrad game Ice Slider onto the Spectrum, their debut effort on the platform. In this maze puzzle game, the player guides Amy, collecting the many jewels scattered around each level. There’s a twist, however: as the name suggests, this is one slippery game and once set off in a particular direction, Amy will carry on sliding until she hits a wall – or worse! Ice Slider Z is another excellent homebrew Speccy game on Antstream Arcade, easy to pick up but boasting some devilishly complex levels.

Ant-Fact: Ice Slider Z was initially released in 2015 and created using Jonathan Cauldwell’s Arcade Game Designer (AGD).

Ant-Tactic: Brick walls will stop Amy in her tracks but beware of the bouncing blocks, as these will

send her straight back the way she came!

Ant-ernative: Why not give Codemasters’ Kwik Snax a go for some more cute maze action?

Life On Mars – MSX

Sent to the Red Planet to research the hidden underwater channels, there’s a significant scientific

population on Mars, and they’re no longer answering the phone. Throughout a series of atmospheric levels set within the base, the player investigates these strange occurrences, discovering the alien threat behind them. A run ‘n’ gun platformer with lots of playability and spooky music, Life On Mars is another addition to Antstream Arcade’s growing library of MSX games.

Ant-Fact: Life On Mars owes a significant debt to the Nintendo classic, Metroid.

Ant-Tactic: Watch out for the octopus-like aliens – they may seem harmless but will randomly chuck a grenade in your direction!

Ant-ernative: The charming Commodore 64 game Metranaut runs with a similar theme to Life On Mars.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors – Mega Drive / SNES

The dead are rising from the ground and plaguing the innocent residents of Zeke and Julie’s small

town. Either together or alone, the brave pair, initially armed with a surprisingly-effective water

pistol, take on the zombie menace, which soon turns into even more demonic monsters of the night. Rescue innocents, collect keys and zap the zombies until you come face to face with the man behind all this mayhem, the mad scientist Dr Tongue! The Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo versions of this wonderfully (Dr) tongue-in-cheek game are available on Antstream Arcade.

Ant-Fact: Zombies Ate My Neighbors fell foul of censors across Europe despite its cartoon display. It was even renamed just Zombies for its UK release.

Ant-Tactic: Later enemies such as werewolves and vampires are weak to specific weapons,

silverware and a crucifix, respectively.

Ant-ernative: There’s more cartoon pandemonium with Sensible Software’s Cannon Fodder, also

available on Mega Drive and SNES on Antstream Arcade.

Simon The Sorcerer – Amiga

Fancy some slightly more sedate gaming? This magical Adventuresoft point ‘n’ click game will have

you marvelling at its mystical and rustic vistas. Playing the eponymous character, you are

transported from our world when Simon's dog Chippy discovers a book hidden away in the loft. Simon looks the part in his long, flowing purple gown, but there’s just the small task of learning to be a magician before he can take on the evil menace of the sorcerer Sordid. With copious puzzles to solve and infused with a buoyant spirit, Simon the Sorcerer is an exceptional adventure and is now playable on Antstream Arcade.

Ant-Fact: The success of Lucasarts’ Monkey Island games and the books of Terry Pratchett were a significant inspiration for Simon The Sorcerer.

Ant-Tactic: Make sure you have a good hover over each screen with the mouse pointer – who knows what valuable items will be revealed!

Ant-ernative: As well as the Monkey Island games, Antstream Arcade also hosts the comic point and clickery of Sam & Max Hit The Road.

Witch n’ Wiz – Nintendo Entertainment System

This charming game was released in 2021 as a NES cartridge and has recently debuted on Antstream Arcade. The Dark Sorceress has kidnapped your friend. You must travel deep into the bowels of her lair, destroying the denizens that reside there and using the special powers invoked within each level. This cute-looking Nintendo game packs a magical punch, with each room offering an increasing challenge.

Ant-Fact: Witch n’ Wiz contains a fabulous soundtrack with 16 individual tracks.

Ant-Tactic: Got stuck on a level (it happens a lot)? No problem. Reverse time and have another go!

Ant-ernative: For similar 8-bit puzzle antics, check out Millie & Molly on the Commodore 64.

That concludes the Antstream Arcade new game roundup for another month! Look out for another fantastic selection of new games next month!

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