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Halloween on Antstream Arcade

Looking for some spooky games to play this week on Antstream Arcade? Well look no further, as we present a nervous ninesome of some of the spookiest games ready to stream to subscribers right now! From Victorian serial killers to goblins, ghouls, vampires, and slobbering aliens, there are plenty of goosebumps waiting for you on Antstream Arcade.

Jack The Ripper – CRL, 1987

There’s plenty of history behind this Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum text adventure. Apart from

being the very first videogame to be awarded an 18 certificate, it’s also based on one of the most

evocative stories from the 19 th century: the legend of Jack The Ripper, the madman who cut a

swathe through Victorian society, murdering at least five women throughout his reign of terror.

While there is little graphically to scare you, the macabre writing of this CRL text adventure is

enough to send a chill down your spine, especially when you realise the real Jack was never actually caught!

Frightmare – Cascade, 1988

Whether you want to admit or not, we’ve all had a scary nightmare or two. Now on Antstream

Arcade, you can take part in a videogame nightmare, or as Cascade liked to call it back in 1988, a

Frightmare. Trapped inside a dark dreamscape, your very sanity is at stake as you seek to battle the demons of this particular realm of subconsciousness. Zombies, ghosts and worse await you as you submerge in this psychic abyss – dare you peer beyond your darkest dream?

Alien Breed – Team 17, 1992

In contrast to Jack The Ripper, Team 17 introduced us to a futuristic fear in 1992 with the sci-fi

horror epic Alien Breed. Playing a lone soldier, the player lands on a seemingly-deserted space

station, and it’s not long before this brave explorer is being stalked by a slobbering alien menace

that’s rather similar to the xenophobes from the Alien series of movies. Search out those key cards

and conserve that ammo, ‘cos there’s one seriously scary infestation going on here!

Ghost Hunters – Codemasters, 1987

The second commercial game released by the legendary Oliver Twins (after Super Robin Hood),

Ghost Hunters is a spooky tale set within a haunted mansion. The name of the building should have given it away: Nightmare Mansion! But your brother is trapped somewhere within these haunted walls, and it’s up to you to spring him and escape. Fortunately, you’re equipped with a sub-compact anti-matter Phantom Splatterer, a useful weapon against the legion of undead that live in this cursed dwelling.

Bogey Manor – Technos, 1985

Bogey Manor takes place within another haunted house, this time from the arcades. Looking like a

reject from The Power Rangers, this is actually a young boy, trapped inside the eponymous

mysterious mansion. The only way he can escape is by smashing all the orbs; unfortunately there’s a legion of ghastly ghosts to dodge if he’s to survive this ordeal. Luckily, this young man is armed with a magic hand that can freeze ghosts for a short time, but with each floor pitch-black dark until entered, there’s plenty to discover and shiver at in Bogey Manor.

Creepy Dungeons – Automata, 1985

The Lady Sinclive has been taken prisoner and is being held at the mysterious Creepy Castle! Who knows what bedevilment lies behind this abduction? Who cares – put on your armour, Sir Knight, get in there and collect the fourteen keys that will unlock the Lady Sinclive’s prison room. Beware, though, brave soldier, as floating skulls, ghosts and demons await you inside this slimy keep!

The Last Vampire – The Shaw Brothers, 1990

There are flick-screen thrills aplenty in this 1990 Spectrum game, and there’s also the ultimate

enemy to go up against: Count Dracula himself! Throughout the medieval style village, the intrepid hero must combat bats, pirates and more as he tries to locate the items needed to destroy the last vampire. Fortunately, the local shop can often help, selling wares such as keys, garlic, holy crosses and…raspberry buns?

Death Mask – Acclaim, 1994

We venture into horror of a different kind here with Death Mask, a violent first-person shooter

where the blood flows freely, and often. Dastardly aliens and mercenaries are attempting to take

over your world – your mission is to simply eliminate the invaders, preferably as messily as possible!With first aid kits laying around each level, along with some powerful weapons, there’s plenty of punch to this Doom clone, and lots of unnerving corridors to negotiate.

The Immortal – Electronic Arts, 1991

Not had your fill of dank and grimy dungeons? Well, have plenty of fear, because Will Harvey’s

famous underground Mega Drive and Amiga adventure, The Immortal, is live on Antstream Arcade. Playing an unnamed wizard, several layers of the labyrinth are waiting to be discovered, each one occupied by aggressive goblins and trolls. Can you defeat the nasties of this dungeon and save your fellow wizard?

All these chills and more await brave gamers on Antstream Arcade!

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